Connect Laptop Video to HDTV audio to 5.1 Channel Home Theater


Dec 8, 2009

I have Sony HDX 285 5.1 Channel Home theater, and Sony Vaio VGN-FW260 J laptop and Samsung 2333 HDTV. I have HDMI cable to connect laptop to TV. I got video perfect on TV from laptop. But when I tried to connect laptop to home theater using auxillary cable from headphone jack to auxillary port of home theater, the output from home theater is not upto mark. Any one can suggest best way to connect Laptop audio output to 5.1 Channel home theater.



Nov 26, 2006
Headphones jacks can only provide up to a stereo signal, not 5.1.

If you home theater supports the function, try connecting the HDMI to the receiver first. You'll get the 5.1 audio this way. And use a video out from the receiver to the TV. Not all receivers offer this functionality and you may get video lag doing it anyway.

If you have a good cable box or DVR set you could hook the HDMI to it first and use the audio and video outs from there.
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