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  1. J

    Solved! trying to hook rca to digital tv

    RCA cables going to a 4k Samsung TV which is hmdi what kind of box needed
  2. P

    Solved! how can I record Netflix movies on vcr from digital tv

    80 year old parent will only use vhs tapes. How can I get Netflix (paid subscription:) movies from my digital tv to record on my vcr for him? convertor box will only record live tv, not Netflix. Help please
  3. A

    Ez Digital TV question

    The EZ digital TV ad I seen said to get up to a 100 channels is that true and what channels do they get
  4. J

    Solved! Amplifying digital signal

    The interior of my house is wired with coax. How can I get the digital signal from a digital channel selector box ( HDMI output) to a digital tv in another room.
  5. C

    How to connect

    How to connect Tochiba digital TV to old Sharp DVD player
  6. R

    Solved! I have hooked up my outdoor digital antenna to my Olivia digital TV and I have set it on DTV settings but now I cannot use my

    I have tried everything to hook up outdoor antenna to Olivia ACST TV. Don't get channels NO Remote. HELP
  7. Marshall Honorof

    Google Chromecast (3rd Generation) Review: Faster, But Not Better

    The new Google Chromecast is fast and intuitive, but the attractive little dongle is behind the times. Google Chromecast (3rd Generation) Review: Faster, But Not Better : Read more
  8. J

    Digital TV and internet content

    Have a MOHU antennae and have programming to select. As for internet access... What additional programming can be had if the television has an internet connection? Paid and free. Guidance sought
  9. H

    How do i connect my HRT 3064 TO MY HD digital tv

    How do i connect my HRT-3064 To my HE Digital tv
  10. F

    Toshiba Regza 42zv650u Game Mode?

    Wondering if anyone here knows if the TV mentioned in the title has a "Game Mode". It's something that helps greatly reduce input lag while playing games on consoles. I have been unable to locate it in the TV's menu system but hoping maybe someone here might know. Also anyone know if there...
  11. C

    Solved! Tv top box

    Is there a top box that will let me recieve DTMB on a DVB-T Digital tv as I am planning on taking a tv from the UK to Cuba
  12. W

    How to connect my digital tv to decorder

    I want to connect my lg tv to a decorder were can i put the bananas or plugs
  13. A

    Broken hd antenna?

    Hello - my digital tv antenna shows a picture with one quarter (top left quadrant) while the others are either blurry or fuzzy and blinking. Is my antenna broken?
  14. B

    smart tv can it be analog

    I have a smart tv was given to for gift but unable to pick up any digital tv is it possible that its analog not digital
  15. henrytcasey

    What Is DirecTV Now? Packages, Channels and More

    DirecTV Now allows users to ditch the dish and cable box for a live TV experience they can take everywhere. Here's everything potential subscribers need to know. What Is DirecTV Now? Packages, Channels and More : Read more
  16. KrOo12

    Help, I need to fix my LG TV Screen

    KrOo12 Hello, I own an LG TV model 42LA6200-UA. It suddenly started flickering, why can this be happening? Which tests do I need to run?
  17. R

    Samsung TV - F Connector Issues

    Hi, I have recently purchased a new house of which has 2 F connector type wires running from the a satellite dish (I think the previous occupiers had sky TV). I purchased a F to Coaxial adapter as I have a Samsung TV and only want to use free-view services. The adapter fits fine and fits into...
  18. B

    Sony XBR-X900F 65-inch 4K TV Review: Very Strong Performance, Minor Flaws

    The Sony XBR-X900F offers excellent overall performance and impressive brightness, but the audio could be better. Sony XBR-X900F 65-inch 4K TV Review: Very Strong Performance, Minor Flaws : Read more
  19. S

    Which cable should i use RG 6 OR RG 7 for HD DIRECTV and digital antenna

    We are changing out our old RG59 cable. We have DIRECTV AND a Digital TV antenna. Should I use RG6, RG& or something else? Thanks! Susan
  20. P

    in sony tv youtube is not working

    i have sony bravia i connect it to internet it succeed .but while open youtube it shows "service can not access at this time " .please any one give your solution please immediately
  21. F

    my you tube not working

    i see it on my tv but it is frozen how can i fix that
  22. P

    Solved! Vizio VA220E (VERY old), no remote available to buy

    I cannot buy one, and I've tried FOUR "universal" remotes....none of which work... I can access items (change input sources, picture settings, etc.) but I CANNOT change any settings because there's no "enter" or "select" button,... I can only access the various settings menus... but I cannot...
  23. A

    Does Samsung smart tv require a digital tv adapter to receive spectrum digital

    Do I need more equipment
  24. B

    Have digital tv was able to get 14 channels, now

    I get only 4?
  25. G

    What Is HLG HDR?

    You've probably heard of HDR, but are you familiar with HLG? Here's what you need to know about the latest addition to the HDR standard and what it means for broadcast TV. What Is HLG HDR? : Read more
  26. M

    led tv backlights

    Should all the backlights flash when I turn on my TV?
  27. B

    Digital TV to (yet another) Analog Receiver

    I’m getting a getting a smart tv for my husband for Christmas (as a surprise) and could use some help. We have a Denon DRA-425R receiver and I ordered a Samsung MU6300. Tonight I received a digital to analog converter (DAC) made by Musou, but I don’t know if it’s the right one to use...
  28. N

    Exactly what does a TWC digital adapter do? I already have a TV with a digital turner and they send over the cable digital TV

    Function of TWC digital adapters
  29. A

    Optimal HDTV Indoor Antenna Frequencies

    I'm seeking the optimal frequency ranges for an indoor HDTV antenna 50 or 60 miles from desired TV stations
  30. M

    digital to analogue

    What is best method to connect digital tv- hdmi or optical out (LG OLED B7)out to a high end analogue amplifier (Arcam A38) ?
  31. M

    Coaxil broke on vivio tv I have digital TV converter and recorder plus amplified antenna how do I connect them to show local

    Antenna is coaxil converter has HDMI and coaxil
  32. H

    How to a samsung tv that keeps blacken out

    Hi my name is mike and I'm having difficulty with my samsung tv it'll turn on for about 2minutes and it'll go complete black but you can still hear the tv play. I wanted to know how to fix the problem. Thanks, Mike
  33. P

    Connect 5.1 analog home theatre to LED tv

    How to connect 5.1 F&D 3000u to panasonic 50c410d led tv and get true 5.1 sound? I wish to play USB 5.1 movie on my tv and get True 5.1 sound.
  34. S

    How to make USB DVB-T tuners pick up analog TV?

    So i have a generic usb tv tuner that only picks up digital tv, but i wonder is it possible to make it pick up analog tv too?
  35. N

    Speakers for Digital TV convertor box

    Hi! Soon I will probably buy a new gaming montior and I will also connect it to a Digital TV convertor box for watching TV (if someone can tell me if it's possible to do that it would be great) and the monitor does not include built in speakers, so I have to buy external speakers for tv and the...
  36. I

    TV channel problem please help

    I Have an TCL LED tv 43 inch and I have a problem...The led when turned on works properly but doesnt show any source.. i cant change the channels..the channel number keeps on staying on "1" even if i change it. Please help me and tell me what to do.MY cable is good on another TV and I am using...
  37. W

    Bluetooth Audio Transmitter with LG TV

    Hi, so I have an LG 43UH6100 TV with a Bose Solo 5 soundbar connected through optical. I am wanting to setup a Bluetooth transmitter so I can use wireless headphones with my TV. On the back of my TV it has the red and white RCA connectors which is where the transmitter connects. However, when I...
  38. V

    I have a 73inch tv it have a sound but not picture and the on bottom is red what do that means

    What does it mean when the power button is red and not green and no picture but has sound
  39. R

    Panasonic Monitor Help! Is this a good deal. Thankyou

    Hi All, Thank you again I asked a question about monitors for my lounge I went to the shop yesterday and the guy was steering me away from the LG 49UH620V for £420 I was thinking of getting. However I just found out at work that I can get special discounts with Panasonic gear. For example: I...
  40. K

    Ideas on how to fix a Sanyo TV?

    I have a 52' Sanyo TV that my friend offered to me in attempt to fix it. It was hit by a lightning storm a few years back and hasn't worked since (it was plugged into a surge protector, but I guess it wasn't a very good quality one). When the TV is plugged in and I hit the power switch, all I...
  41. M

    how can i connect my Sony Bravia LCD Digital TV circa 2010 with my Yamaha NX-GX70 speakers circa 2000?

    how can i connect my Sony Bravia LCD Digital TV circa 2010 with my Yamaha NX-GX70 speakers circa 2000? I'be been checking into speaker wire and RCA but I don't know if I need a connector, adapter or what. I'm looking for a simple way of doing this. I don't even know if it can work. The...
  42. R

    Optical audio output to Digital USB input?

    Is there an adapter for Digital TV audio optical output to USB input of OPPO Blu-Ray player? The OPPO players have analog audio out jacks plus remotes with volume controls and an input switch that enable them to take the place of surround sound processors. I'd run my TV audio into one, and my...
  43. G

    Warranty on smart tvs

    I just bought a Samung 60in. Smart tv, do most people get the 3 yr. Warranty or they screen protector ins.?
  44. B

    How to Delay Digital Antenna TV signal

    I am looking to delay the signal from a attic digital TV antenna in order to Sync with another TV that has a Cable HDMI input. The TVs are in different rooms , but the sound delay of the cable TV is extremely irritating. I need to delay The Antenna TV 2+ seconds and then I can sync using the...
  45. R

    Hook up surround

    How can I hook up my digital TV with old onkyo receiver so I can watch TV and hear through my speakers ?
  46. P

    from multiple channels to only one channel

    My LG digital TV, connected to antenna, used to work OK, but recently it only receives one channel. We plugged in rabbit ears to see if the outside antenna was faulty, but that didn't fix the problem. We can't find anything like a channel scan on the remote to help us fix the problem
  47. M

    Looking to hook up surround sound on an old yamaha receiver to digital tv

    I have a yamaha rx-v870 receiver I want to connect to my Panasonic TC-P50C2 digital tv. How do I do this?
  48. R

    How do I get an old analog TV to work with a cox digitizer?

    I have an old barely used analog TV that worked great and when I hook up the Cox converter box to that TV I can only get 3 workable channels. My digital TV's work fine with the Cox Box. Do I need to buy a separate digital to analog converter that connects in-between the Cox Box that I rent to...
  49. J

    Samsung Digital TV and station it needs to be on for DISH tv to work

    Can anyone tell me what station the tv needs to be on for the Dish cable to work? Thank you
  50. F

    Analog and digital TV input lag

    Hello, I'm looking at getting an analog 720p TV for retro consoles particularly original Xbox, but I'm unsure if this will have less input lag then a digital which will process the signal more I believe or if the slowdown is based on processing effects on all of the inputs regardless of whether...
  51. M

    Coaxial to Ethernet coversion and back again?

    I want to setup my digital tv in the basement, but running coaxial cable to the place I want the tv is difficult. I do already have a cat5 ethernet cable there, and was wondering if it would be possible to convert from coax to cat5, and then back to coax to go into the digital cable box.
  52. J

    Digital TV Interference with Internet

    I am having issues with interference on my digital tv when using my internet. The coax cable comes in to my house and goes to a 2-way splitter that separates the internet and tv. The tv line goes to a 4-way splitter that goes to 3 separate tvs throughout the house. Two of the tvs have built-in...
  53. D

    Buzzing when Trying to Connect Digital TV with Only Digital Audio Output to an Old Denon Receiver with only RCA Inputs

    Mine is a similar problem to the one I read in an older thread which is now inactive. I have a Philips TV. It's sound system is Dolby Digital AC3. It's only sound output for connecting to my old Denon Receiver is Digital Coaxial Audio (for an S/PDIF cord). My Denon only has sound input via...
  54. K

    Have a TV with HDMI CONNECTION and BLUE RAY PLAYER with HDMI CONNECTION. what do I need to get Digital TV. The TV is apparentl

    Do I need a set top box to get digital TV on old TV that has hdmi connection and I have a blue ray player with only HDMI connection. Where do I put the Airial cable connection
  55. J

    Philips media player on LG plasma using HDMI cord plays movies but without audio

    Using philips media player model no. HMP400079 on 50" LG plasma TV model no.50PG20D-AA with HDMI cord but plays movies without sound. Was told it might be a frequency issue but havent been able to resolve. Any ideas?
  56. J

    do i need a digital adapter if i have a digital t.v.

    Do I need a digital adapter if I have a digital TV
  57. B

    Lost Digital Channels

    A couple weeks ago, we started seeing a message saying we would need to purchase a digital adapter from TWC. We "broke up" with TWC a few months ago and purchased an antenna. All has been great until tonight and we lost our digital channels. We have a digital TV and don't know why this has...
  58. D

    Digital TV problems with 7 of 8 channels

    Large attic digital antenna, great HD TV/Tivo local reception for four years, until this year. Currently no signal (Tivo V52 or V53 error codes) for Ch. 7.1, 7.2, and 36; Ch. 18.1, 18.2, 18.3, and 42 are pixilated at random times, and thus unwatchable, leaving only Ch. 23 consistently available...
  59. P

    digital tv sound through my soundbar

    Hi guys I'm hoping for help in purchasing the correct audio signal converter to get my digital tv sound to come through my sound bar. My tv only has a single digital coaxial audio output and my soundbar has only an optical input. Can someone please assist with the correct configuration of the...
  60. M

    Choosing Smart TV box - Riko MK802 IV or Minix Neo X8

    Hi, I'm having a hard time choosing the most optimal setup: I don't really mind the size, but the question is does the difference worth 80 extra euros?