Connect old Thinkpad laptop (with internal dial up modem) to internet


Oct 9, 2006

I would imagine so.
A wifi usb dongle would work.

If your thinkpad is even older, with a pciemcia slot you can buy a wifi card.
I used a Belkin wireless N card in a IBM thinkpad T40.
Sep 23, 2018
Model number IBM-DJSA-220 Windows 2000 pro

I have Windows 10 on my other laptop. Can I update W2000 to W10 somehow?
My purpose for getting Thinkpad working is to burn DVDs on it instead of tying up my HP. Is this possible?

Depends on how you want to connect. There is WiFi, external modems you purchase (for the faster speeds we have now), modems you can rent from your ISP, etc. All of these will allow you to connect.

Or you can try the slower connect via that modem it has, it just will be a lot slower and you will need an ISP that allows for dial up.



That part number is a disk drive part number ... It is a 20GB disk drive part number. If that is really the disk in that laptop, you probably don't have enough disk space for Win10.
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