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  1. M

    Question not working?

    Want to change the Password of Netgear Router and when i try to access the webpage then it shows an error. Please help me to access the netgear router login page.
  2. C

    netgear modem issues need some ideas

    ok i have asked about connecting a c6300 to a c3700 modem and that did not work so i got a c7000 modem router so that would take away the mess of trying to connect 2 units together. so i got me a netgear modem router combo the c7000 and i got it to go online and using it now to send this out...
  3. A

    Solved! Had lightning strike near home. There was a power cut before the lightning, as soon as power was on I realized my WiFi modem w

    Lightning strike affected my satellite what is broken box or dish. Got power to box cannot get signal or radio
  4. C

    connecting router to modem/router

    how to connect a netgear router to a netgear modem/router? i have a netgear c3700 router/modem connected now to the internet, but i have a bunch of cameras also and other wifi devices connected to this router and i get dropouts. so i got a netgear wifi router r6300 unit. but for the life of me...
  5. K

    Solved! What harddrive can be inserted into my sharp tv modem number LC- 50LE751K

    What harddrive can be inserted into my sharp tv modem number LC-50LE751K
  6. G

    Connect old Thinkpad laptop (with internal dial up modem) to internet

    Have old IBM Thinkpad that has the internal dial up modem and want to connect to internet. Can it be done? How?
  7. L

    Modem hacker help

    Ihave a hacker who has been able to come into our home network through our modem. They are able to change the passwork and firewall settings. THIS PERSON is only 20 hops away according to one of the spy programs. CAN ANYONE HELP. HE locked up one computer before i could put passwords on the...
  8. D

    Router & Modem Security

    What is the security issue we are all trying to break in our devices?
  9. A

    Wifi disconnects every 30 mins

    Hello, I have an issue with wifi. The model of the modem is LB-Link BL-WR4320 model. This modem is connected to a device that reads TRENDnet. Other computers are connected to TRENDnet. The issue is that the devices that are connected to LB-Link will get disconnected every 30 minutes and will not...
  10. W

    Netflix Error TVQ-ST-103: Fix On Xbox One

    Both of the fixes for Xbox One have to do with networking. Error TVQ-ST-103 is particularly annoying on the Xbox One console if you don’t keep the Netflix app updated. No advanced techniques are required for the fix, so this should be a suitable choice for most users. Restart The Home Network...
  11. W

    Netflix Error UI-122: Fix On Smart TV

    There are limited choices when dealing with Error UI-122 on Smart TV’s. Because of that, it is important to follow the steps carefully for each fix below. Both fixes are network related so should attack the core issues of the Netflix error. Restart The Home Network Any device that is...
  12. S

    Wireless security types don'match

    Older toshiba laptop connects yo public wifi but not home wifi says wireless types don't match restarted modem several times called Comcast not really a big help says call Toshiba and sending new modem that is up to date
  13. Lutfij

    How To Turn On The Dialup Modem On IBM Thinkpad Laptops

    Prior to the very popularity of Lenovo we all knew the company under the name of IBM. We’ve come a long since the early 2000’s where wireless connectivity was merely in its infancy and dial up connections ruled supreme. In this day and age access to wireless connectivity and blazing fast...
  14. I

    connection problem in laptop

    my laptop hp could not connect by the modem but by the wifi of that modem my laptop can access internet. Why my laptop can not connect by the internet
  15. D

    Have an older rca tv. My modem cashed and got a new one and now I have no picture on my Yvonne’s

    I have an older rca model tv. My modem cashed and when I got a new modem I ended up with no picture on the older tv
  16. R

    Is it possible to port forward without having a modem?

    I tried port forwarding many times but none of it was successful So i ended up calling my isp and he told me that i'd need to pay a huge sum/month just to have a static ip why do i unnecessarily need to pay for a static ip? The isp is giving me a direct ethernet connection ie just router and no...
  17. M

    Connect smart box to tv and modem

    I have an LG smart box, an element tv and an internet modem. TV has every port type except for ethernet but smart box has one. How do i connect these 3 for streaming?
  18. J

    My laptop also does not have "Manage Wireless Networks"

    I'm trying to remove my router (bypass router and go straight from modem to laptop wireless) but when I remove router from the equation, my wifi no longer shows up as an option to connect to. Last week I spoke to Comcast, my wifi provider and we did a speed test. With my laptop connected to the...
  19. G

    What To Do if Your Router Needs Constant Reboots

    Why your router needs rebooting and how to prevent it – or at least reduce the hassle. What To Do if Your Router Needs Constant Reboots : Read more
  20. T

    Router modem issues

    Ok so i work from home the modem is in my office. It has the port in the back which we are running one i to ur bedroom one into the living room so we can stream in oue blu rays.. My problem is i hate the way it looks. Is there something i can use so that i sont have to run the wires.??
  21. J

    How to connect cable box directly to modem and not plug into the TV at all?

    Comcast sold me - over the phone - on going from internet only to having a box and getting TV too. Only $5 more per month! when I told the guy I had the TV on the wall and did not want any boxes and wires into the TV he told me I could connect to the modem. I am not very intuitive when it...
  22. N

    How to find out my wifi password

    bought a new dlink modem configured but password not gtg how to trace
  23. S

    3G cell phone network connection

    How can a weatherstation modem ethernet signal interface with a cell phone 3G network?
  24. PhilipMichaels

    The Best Cable Modems

    Here are the best cable modems for networking your home or office (and why buying a modem is better than renting from your ISP). Best Cable Modem : Read more
  25. P

    Modem Router Combo for Charter Spectrum

    What is the best Modem/Router Combo to use on Charter Spectrum Cable TV?
  26. T

    which is faster in conectivty phone hot spot or wifi modem for use on laptop

    am deciding on using my phone hot spot on my laptop or buy a modem for heavy internet work. Please advice on speed, reliability of connection and all the pros and cons
  27. D

    Hook modem without computer

    How to hook modem without computer
  28. M

    Cutting The Cable

    Hi everyone! I'm cutting the cable. I have a location set for a modem (that I'll get from AT&T) and my NetGear router. I have a Vizio smart TV, LG HDTV (that a new FireStick will be installed in), HDTV antenna in the attic that connects to the 2 TV's by coax, RG6 quad core coax that connects the...
  29. B

    How do i reset my modem/wifi ?

    Hey. Recently my little brother gave our wifi password to the neighbours who is also his friend. I noticed them using our wifi, standing outside the home quite often. I don't want to say "you shouldn't use our wifi" directly, i think its rude. Instead are there anyways to reset my password by...
  30. T

    Solved! No connection, random drops and "bad range"

    Hello Tom's community! Ive been holding out on getting help for this but the problem isn't getting any better. I live with my step-parents and they rarely let me mess with the router, but when I get the chance I try figuring things out...I give up, I need help. Here's my situation: About...
  31. D

    Solved! Close port 7547 on Arris router/modem combo

    close port 7547 on a Comcast Arris Modem/router combo
  32. A

    What type of internet do I need to use the Fire stick?

    I have charter/spectrum internet and cable TV. The modem is a Netgear and is upstairs. The TV's are downstairs. When we use our Kindles downstairs we can only be on the 2G network (the 5G is only available upstairs where the modem is). Can I use the stick on the 2G? Will it be fast enough...
  33. M

    No internet on Toshiba Satellite laptop "Unknown network"

    I am using Windows 10 and a ubee modem from Time Warner Cable. Everything was good. Caught the end of a message from AVG software - some kind of virus. Lost internet. Laptop finds modem, but it ends up with "Unknown network". I get internet on cell phone and my iPod Touch (not a phone)...
  34. G

    Port mapping/ port forwarding

    I have seen these entries in my modem log, should I be concerned about many entries like the one below: Add port mapping to 61463 to my isp address?
  35. A

    Solved! My WiFi says it's connected on my laptop but when I open browser it says I need to connect

    I tried to reset the modem and everything even tried to forget the connection and do it over but nothing is working it still says to connect or reset modem in browser
  36. J

    Solved! nvm fixed i guess

    nvm fixed i guess
  37. G

    Modem vs. Router: How They're Different and What They Do

    Here's a quick overview of modems and routers, how they work together to bring you wireless connectivity and why they're best kept separate. Modem vs. Router: How They're Different and What They Do : Read more
  38. J

    How to connect my pn64d8000 (Samsung Smart TV) to wifi?

    I have been trying to connect my Smart TV to the internet, but sometimes it says it connects to the router but not to the internet.
  39. S

    Router Needs Constant Power Cycling

    I have a Netgear N450 combination modem/router. It worked great in my old apartment, but I moved somewhat recently, and it's become unreliable. I have to plug/unplug it daily as it drops internet on all my devices (phone, computer, Roku, etc) regularly. The issue is the router; ethernet works...
  40. J

    Can an LG smart tv stream content without connecting to a cable service modem?

    smart TV capabilities
  41. H

    Can I make a wired media player "wireless" if I use a usb modem stick?

    I have a Sony BDPS1700 WIRED Streaming Blu-Ray Disc Player (2016 Model). Is there any way to use this wirelessly? I have a wireless Vizio smart tv that I'm using it with. Otherwise I have to get a really long ethernet cord to go from the modem back to the media player(it's not near my computer...
  42. M

    Internet Setup for a big house

    So I am planning to update and change my wifi/internet set up to improve connectivity around my house. Right now I have an Arris modem and two apple express one is connected to the modem so that the second one can extend the connection which does well but still to only part of the home and is...
  43. G

    If you have Comcast can you splice the coaxial and have one modem in your garage and your other modem in your house

    I have Comcast internet and cable can I buy another modem splice into the coaxial with a modem that I buy and continue to the modem supplied by Comcast that way I can spread out my internet connection easier because it is a very long distance.
  44. I

    my modem wifi not conncet my phon

    my wifi not conncot my phon
  45. S

    How to use my samsung j1 ace as modem

  46. J

    Samsung i3 shows no sign of internet or wifi signal!!!!

    I bought a samsung laptop,i connected a modem and it worked perfectly but because of charges decided to go to a cafe and use the wifi.problem is it doesnt show any signs to show it can find the signal.only the modem is showing on the list !tried connect enternet cable and still the same...
  47. A

    New modem and now laptop won't connect to internet

    Hi everyone, I have been trouble shooting my home internet connection today and borrowed a modem from a friend. Everything seems to be working ok on my network EXCEPT for my wife's laptop. That can join the wifi network but won't connect to the internet (plenty of other devices on the same wifi...
  48. N

    Smartphone direct to Ethernet without Data Plan?

    So I want to connect a smartphone (ie iphone or android) to the internet without any plan (call or data plan) or registration with any of carriers. Kind of like using the smartphone at home use only. I was thinking maybe phone --> usb --> pc? Don't know if that works or phone --> cable modem...
  49. J

    How to use S7 cell as modem

    I need to use my Samsung S7 as a modem for my desktop. I will tether to USB. Do i need software? I no longer have a landline and i want to be able to FAX.
  50. C

    Q about replacing my rented Comcast modem...

    I currently have a wifi router/modem rented ($10/m0nth) from Comcast. It has 4 ethernet ports AND 2 telephone jacks - I need the phone jack for my home security system. It appears that none of the reviewed modems here would meet all my needs. What recommendations might you have for the best...
  51. L

    Netgear c3700 modem/router does not allow access to most websites how do I resolve this issue?

    Have Netgear c3700 router/modem that I use for timewarner. I am not able to acess most websites a few I can get access too is google and youtube. I have tried rebooting the router doing a factory restore and a power cycle but issue persists. The issue is consistent through out all my devices...
  52. R

    Does the modem work with Cincinnati Bell's Fioptics?

    Does the modem work with Cincinnati Bell's Fioptics?
  53. M

    I bought my own netgear router/modem and gave my old one back to time warner cable. Now my asus laptop says my internet connec

    I bought a new netgear router and modem. My asus laptop says my internet won't connect but my wifi is limited and both show my network.
  54. P

    slow DL speed

    I have an Asus rt-n66u VPN router. Modem speed is 31 mbps router DL speed is 3.53 mbps. Any suggestions?
  55. henrytcasey

    135 Million Cable Modems Vulnerable to Easy Attack

    One of the most critically acclaimed and popular cable modems can be shut down by an attack you or I could easily pull off. 135 Million Cable Modems Vulnerable to Easy Attack : Read more
  56. A

    Does Ethernet connect to The Modem then to your Desktop?

    Hello so i was wondering if i buy a 100ft Ethernet cable am i able to connect the ethernet cable to my comcast modem which is downstairs and wire the ethernet upstairs and connect it to my Desktop and it will give me internet access? just wondering thanks for the ASAP responses
  57. PhilipMichaels

    Best Cable Modem 2015 (Archive)

    Here are the best DOCSIS 3.0 cable modems for networking your home or office (and why buying a modem is better than renting from your ISP). Best Cable Modem 2015 : Read more
  58. S

    I have been receiving an extrodinary number of VOIP calls with spoofed caller ID on my cell and home

    I have two VOIP lines at home and would have no issue with putting a packet sniffer upstream of the cable modem. What I want to know is how to identify the servers generating the VOIP calls with the spoofed caller ID's. I'm in a position to take legal action. I am aware that the people I may...
  59. H

    I want to use my samsung rex 80 S5222R as a modem to share internet connection in my pc......please help me

    i want to connect my samsung rex 80 s5222r phone to pc for connecting it to internet......or for using it as a modem for internet connection.......!!!!