netgear modem issues need some ideas


Aug 20, 2016
ok i have asked about connecting a c6300 to a c3700 modem and that did not work so i got a c7000 modem router so that would take away the mess of trying to connect 2 units together. so i got me a netgear modem router combo the c7000 and i got it to go online and using it now to send this out. it seems to have more range than the c3700 does but it will not keep the cameras online. they drop off every few seconds. thursday i got it and set it up and it gave me fits. so i went back the c3700 and the cameras worked better i did a factory rest on that unit 3 times at that time. so after 2 days of the cameras holding with no dropouts i figured i would give the c7000 another go being i had it and paid enough for it. so today i connected it back up. the pc's get on it and the phones seem to like it but the cameras are dropping again like flies thru fly spray.

so on the modem page i go to the advanced page and the wireless settings and i turned on and off different things and applied after each change and it did not make much difference. so my guess is this unit is just a bad unit. but is there any programs that i can use to test this for performance? or maybe someone here has an idea. i'm going to keep it connected for the rest of the day while i try different things and then change it tomorrow, and go back the the c3700 if i do not get the c7000 to go. i got this one so i could take the extenders offline, and have better wifi coverage and performance. why i got this one was i have so many wifi cameras 6 of them that the signal is not able to keep them all going on the c3700 so i got this one to have more performance. any ideas are welcome. thanks