No connection, random drops and "bad range"


May 16, 2017
Hello Tom's community!

Ive been holding out on getting help for this but the problem isn't getting any better.

I live with my step-parents and they rarely let me mess with the router, but when I get the chance I try figuring things out...I give up, I need help.

Here's my situation: About four months ago we had to move my stepfather's desk, which meant disconnecting the modem and router, before we did that the net was wonky because the Modem is this weird Arris model that also acts as a router, but we had a router connected to it anyway because the range couldn't get to my grandmother's room. When we reconnected the router and modem nothing worked! Then they connected the modem alone (which gives off its own two wifi signals) and it's been very odd ever since.

For one the internet is slow. The second is that I cannot connect to the wifi without getting a "Cannot Connect to this Network" unless I reset the modem. This happens every four hours if my laptop isn't connected (and it's only my laptop).

If I'm even luckier it'll connect but will randomly go from a full five bars to one over and over, with significant slow down and even drops.

The third is that it will randomly become corrupt (the yellow triangle) and again there's nothing I could do about it.

I used to think this was my laptop but get this: My laptop works with *every* other wifi connection flawlessly! (Like Starbucks) What's going on??

I have a Dell Inspiron 15 (3000 series)

Windows 10 OS

Dell Laptop DW1705 C3Y4J Wireless WIFI WLAN Card

Please give me some help as soon as you all can, I'd appreciate it!
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