Connecting a preamp to a AV Receiver.


Dec 7, 2015
Is there a way to use the power of the RX Z9 to drive the CX A5000 preamp? In theory, it should; I already own an RX Z9, which is a beast but without the HDMI and some of the newer features on today's amps, I feel as if I'm missing out on some things. I want to keep all my speaker connection on the Z9 and the use the CX A5000 as the preamp to support all of my HD and other audio video devices. According to the Z9's owner manual, there are several option for connecting an external preamp ( the FRONT IN/ CENTER IN jacks) or (the MULTI Ch INPUT jacks). My question is can it work and what would I be missing if anything in this jerry-rigged setup.


Nov 13, 2015
Actually it would be the CX A5000 driving the RX Z9, but yes you could do it. It looks like using the multi-channel input jacks on the
RX Z9 would be the way to go as they will match up to the CX A5000 analog preamp outputs. Pre set/adjust the volume control on the RX Z9
to a comfortable level, then use the volume control on the CX A5000 as your main volume control. This would give you all the decoded channels from the CX A5000 preamp. If you just use the front/in and center/in power amp inputs on the RX Z9 you'd lose the surround/sub channels
so the multi-channels inputs are the designed better way to connect these 2 units in your case.
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