Question Connecting bluetooth headphones to Samsung TV

Jan 4, 2021
I have a Samsung TV, 4k series 6 I believe. Inexplicably it doesn't have Bluetooth capability and I would really like to be able to connect Bluetooth headphones to give us some flexibility with working from home/Zoom meetings with different schedules etc. I considered (and bought) a Bluetooth receiver/transmitter but I've realised that the TV doesn't have RCA or a headphone jack in which to plug the transmitter. The only option seems to be plugging in to the Optical but we have a soundbar and I really don't want to be fishing around behind the TV every time we want to move between speakers. I have read mixed advice as to whether a dongle in the USB port would work. Please help!


Sep 13, 2010
As far as I'm aware, no TV's USB port will allow you to do that as the TV won't understand how to handle that type of device in its USB port. That would require specific programming in the TV's own software to handle such a thing, which I doubt the TV manufacturers would consider a likely enough possibility to implement such.

I think you should see about returning that Bluetooth transmitter you have, and instead picking up one like this:

Hope this helps!
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