Connecting Computer speakers to TV


Jul 17, 2014
Can anyone help me connect PC speakers to my (Acer) TV ? I know I have to connect an RCA cable to the TV audio out, but what do I do with the other end ? My speakers are connected to a sub-woofer and the input consists of two male cables, one pink and one green. What do I need in order to connect these two speakers inputs to the end of the RCA cable ?
If your speakers are self powered (have an outboard power supply or power cord) then you would need some splitters and adapters. If your TV has RCA connections for audio output then you would connect them like this:
Use one of these:
and connect both the pink and green male cables from the sub to each other with it.
Then use one of these:
to convert that to two RCA connections for the TV
This is not perfect as there is no crossover to split the audio range for the satellite speaker and sub the way PC audio connections would.
If the speakers are not self powered then you would need an amplifier to get them to work. Probably cheaper to buy a soundbar or self powered speakers.

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