Connecting home stereo system speakers to TV without a reciever


Aug 13, 2013
Hey guys!

So my friend just recently gave me the speakers from their Samsung HT-C5500 5.1 surround sound system because the receiver is broken. So I'm left here with 5 speakers and a subwoofer and no way of connecting them to my TV or PC. I don't really want to get a new receiver because of their complexity and price and so I'm wondering how I could connect these as directly to my TV as possible. I know next to nothing about this stuff but I know that I need a hub or decoder of some sort but from my 5 minutes of googling it seems like decoders only work if the speakers have a built in amp, which these don't.
So basically what I want to know is is it possible to connect these to my TV/PC without an expensive and complicated receiver and if so what are my options? I don't even need all 5 speakers working, stereo or even one speaker would be enough, I just don't want to toss these in the trash if it's at all possible to salvage any of it.
Unless you have very fancy TV with dedicated speaker outputs (spring-loaded black/red terminals), these speakers are as good as a brick.

YOu can get a stereo amplifier (two speakers) for like $40, which you can plug in headphones output of the TV. To be able to use all speakers, you'll need a receiver, and optical / coax audio connection between your TV and the receiver.
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