Solved! Connecting my home theater to TV

Nov 29, 2018
Hello, I bought a Harmon Kardon HKTS 16 Home Theatre System which has 5 speakers and a sub woofer. I have a Samsung 55" UHD TV ( 6 Series MU6490). After opening the Home theatre system, I came to know that I'll need a receiver to connect these to my TV. To be honest, until now, I have no idea that receivers are used to connect Home theatre surround speakers. Now my question is: Is getting a receiver the only option that I have..? Since the receivers are expensive, I'll look to avoid getting one, if I have other options.
If I should get a receiver, what is the best receiver that I can get for this setting..?

Can someone explain in a clear way; since I have zero knowledge on audio connection stuff. Much appreciated. Thank you.
Home Theater systems come with different capabilities. If the HK doesn't suit ur need then get something else. All TV I know output audio via Toslink (optical). I've seen HTS with optical input, that's what you are looking for.

FYI, Receiver, more aptly these days AVR (Audio Video surround Receivers) is the traditional center piece for a surround system, but buying receiver then separate speakers turn novice and first-time buyers off, so vendors invented the all-in-one HTS, but you are paying for this convenience. AVR is all flexible, scalable, somewhat upgradable. HTS are made to do one thing and often the consumer cannot add stuff to it, use it another way blah-blah. Just for your information.
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