Solved! connecting my PA amp with a power inverter

Feb 15, 2019
So I've got an 18" tapped horn in the back of my van that i use for gigging but thought instead of them sitting in my van whilst travelling doing nothing, i'd hook'em up to the van system and have some fun! Clearly it's not that simple...

The subwoofer is rated at 1800w RMS which is clearly far too much power for any car/van alternator to handle via any power inverter needed for that much power. The great news is i'm never gonna need even half that power considering the subwoofer is right behind me!

Anyway, I'm looking to get a power inverter with around 2000w continuous power (should be enough) true sine wave etc, but should i be wiring up the inverter straight to the battery? if so, will the alternator still be ok whilst driving? To be honest, I can't see myself using more than 500-600w RMS at any given time!

Is it also worth getting a capacitor to sit between the battery and inverter?

Thanks for any comments/suggestions!