Question Why does my excelon kenwood amp cut off at high volume?

Sep 18, 2019
I have two Kicker 12'' subs, I have a Install bay Capacitor, I have a Kenwood eXcelon X501-1 - Class D Mono Power Amplifier. There is a red light indicator when the AMP is on and working fine. The AMP comes on when the car is started, the Install bay Capacitor reads on the digital monitor 1.21 when I usually see a 1.30-1.40 area. I have recently installed Inside LED lights and Underglow lights to my car. They are hard wired to the car, and the sub and amps run off the battery. I have the factory alternator in my car and it had been supplying power fine with the LED lights until about two days ago when i noticed it started to cut out. My capacitor by install bay Only has 1 FARARD which I've had the capacitor for several years.

Any advise would be appreciated?

My first thoughts would be to replace the capacitor all together with a higher FARARD for the power of my AMP, I'm not sure what the wyatts are for my AMP and which capacitor I would need but I'm thinking my capacitor could be the cause although I understand it doesn't store power.

My second thoughts would be to have the speaker wiring reinstalled on the vehicle to check for possible shorts.

I am unable to put the volume past 25, whereas last week I was cruising to 40 volume level.

I thought with all the car accessories that I may need to purchase a aftermarket alternator to power all the accessories but I'm not sure that this is the issue.

Which troubleshooting should I try first?

- Buy a replacement capcitor due to the years passed and the fact that it keeps wiggling loose connections from driving on the road constantly, every couple of months due to bumps it has been loosed.

- Wire check / Replace with thicker wires?

- Replace alternator in my car, which is currently the Standard Hyundai Sonta alternator.

PLEASE ALL technicians, provide your honest opinion?

Capacitor :

Kenwood AMP:

Model of car: Hyundai Sonta 2015.

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I would start by disconnecting the recently added lighting. If that solves the problem replacing the alternator should help.
If the problem persists then run some temp speaker wire to eliminate a shorted speaker cable as the fault.
If you can run the amp without the cap then try that. I would have any other battery drains off when I do that.
Sep 18, 2019
Thank you. The issue continues whether the LED lights are connected or Disconnected.

The Capacitor's LED remains lit. However, the Red Triangle on the AMP cutts off when the volume goes over 25.

I'm thinking it is either the wiring/fuses to the AMP or the AMP itself, Same AMP since 2016.

I'm curious as to how it is one working one moment, and as soon as bass drops the amp turns itself off.

If it is a wiring issue, wouldn't it just not work at all?

I'm thinking a bigger Car Battery, the Stronger alternator may help with the aftermarket accessories.