Connecting my Samsung TV to external speakers.


Nov 4, 2017
I have a Samsung UN32M4500AFXZA 32” Smart TV, and an older Yamaha RX-V663 receiver. I’d like to run sound from the TV through the receiver to the speakers I have.

I cannot figure it out. I know that my receiver is too old to have HDMI ARC so that’s out. I connected audio cables but only managed to get a hum coming out of the speakers. I tried changing audio to PCM, source to both TV and Audio, and changed the audio settings, to no avail.

Can anyone help me figure out what type of cables I need to make this work and what configuration I should use?

Thank you in advance!
Since your TV only supports audio output via HDMI-ARC you need an HDMI-ARC audio extractor.
You will need an HDMI cable to connect the extractor to the TV HDMI-ARC input. You will need an optical or coax digital cable to connect the extractor to the receiver.
Check the TV and receiver manuals on how to set up the ARC on the TV and the digital input on the receiver..


Nov 4, 2017
I ended up finding an optical cable, which seems to work, but if for some reason it doesn’t, I’ll get that extractor. Thanks.
Jun 18, 2018
OK...go to Walmart and get a "Onn" Digital to Analog Audio Converter for $19.95 + Tax. I connected an optical Cable from my Samsung LN40C610N1FXZA 42" TV to the input side of the converter. I then connected Left and Right RCA cables to the Aux input of my Hitachi HA-3800 Amplifier. I then attached te USB Voltage converter to the ONA18V014 Audio Converter....powered everything External Speakers from my TV Menu...and "Presto Changeo" I am connected to my 40 year old Amp playing what ever I want thru it. I use my 42" Samsung as a Computer Monitor so while I'm working on Spread Sheets or AutoCad on the PC I can rock out to sounds on another tab !!! Hope someone else benefits from this...very quick $20 solution to the problem.
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