Connecting SONY Bravia to Samsung Soundbar


Jul 31, 2016
Hi I have tried everything this is my last resort. Please help me! Connecting a SONY Bravia TV to a Samsung sound bar (HW KM36) using an optical cable and on the D-IN input setting of the sound bar i get zero sound. Any idea what's going on? Please help


Dec 31, 2016

The sound bar is a Samsung HW-K360 (not 36).
I have the same problem, my TV is KDL 52VL150. did you get any help yeat?
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Dec 18, 2017
I need some help with my Set-up.
- Connecting a Samsung SoundBar to the Sony TV using ARC.
- Volume does not reach full volume - Compared to Bluetooth and Optical cable. I am getting low sound.
- Volume gets stuck when increasing with TV remote at random numbers i.e. max is 100 but doesn’t go past 68 or 53 or 74 etc. (with TV remote). Will go to 100 using sound bar remote but volume will not increase
- Volume increase and decrease with tv remote inconsistent on soundbar
- Sony Bravia kd55x8500e
- Samsung MS750
Set up
- Using HDMI cable that came with Samsung soundbar
- Soundbar - HDMI Out (ARC) port
- Sony TV - HDMI 4 (ARC)
Other Points
- Works with Optical
- Works with Bluetooth

I do not have Wifi so I have not updated the TV or the Soundbar.

Need some help and suggestions
Jul 3, 2018
I had the same issue for days! Turns out the cause was another usb cable plugged into the hdmi port on the back of the TV in the centre (as opposed to the side hdmi ports where my sound bar was plugged in). The TV must be confused about which hdmi input to talk to. As soon as I removed it, it started playing through the sound bar.
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