Consistently high speed tests. Unacceptably low real-time/midstream tests.



I have an LG 4K HDR TV, PS4, and XBoxOneS, and am trying to resolve an ongoing speed issue w/ Netflix. Everything is hard wired. TV and consoles test up to 200+ mbps. However, the TV’s built in app tests in the low 20s, PS4 app in the 40s, XBox app in the 50s-60s. Further, when actually streaming, the PS4 and XBox test as low as 3.48, and look terrible. They once tested at 5.11 (minimum), which was acceptable. The TV app has no real time streaming test, but looks just as bad. For 4K, the XBox consistently sits at 15.26. The picture looks good, but I’m assuming it’s just a quality HD picture, since I still am yet to confirm in real time what 4K looks like.
My family has the same TV and ISP (newer router), plus a Roku Ultra. The Roku has no real time test, but looks awful. Same w/ their TV’s built in app. I hooked my XBox up to their network wirelessly, far from the modem, and got an in stream test of 3.48 as well. 4K sat at 15.26 on their network, too.
The ISP has repeatedly blamed my equipment. After testing a separate network and a 4th streaming option (Roku), I find this hard to believe. I’m reluctant to buy a Firestick +, or an Apple TV system for fear of the same results.
Jun 5, 2018

I have Spectrum Internet 100/10 (Internet Speed test varies greatly 10 to 100Mbps down avg of 40 ) wired to Samsung TV 4K, Apple 4K TV, Roku Premiere+ (Again these are all wired)
The Netflix "Check your network" Speedtest is always between 14 Mbps to 18Mbps on all of the above. Never > than 20 Mbps.
On my wireless Roku TV it's around 12 to 16 Mbps. I also have a Firestick that is a foot away from the router and it also is around 12 to 16 Mbps using (The Netflix "Check your network" Speedtest)

I doubt if this helps any, just my info. Ron in SW Ohio



Upon further research, it appears the problem is withdrawals from top quality equipment. I have a Pioneer Kuro Elite plasma TV in the bedroom hooked to older gaming consoles. Speed test for the Netflix app on a PS3 weigh in at 8.59 mbps wirelessly, far from the router; 3.48 midstream, which is consistent with the hard wired, newer equipment.
The picture looks great! The picture on an aging IPad Air 2 and IPhone SE look pretty good, too. More and more it appears this has much more to do with what the equipment can do with the speed. I’m going to try to match Apple’s quality with my average TV, and hope for the best.
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