Solved! Control phone from computer

Sep 16, 2019
I have a macbook pro and an iMac desktop. Phone is a Samsung Galaxy S10+. It's a time drain constantly switching to my phone from my lap/desktop. I would love to find an app that allows me to use my phone FROM my computer.

I literally want a window on my computer which is the same size as my phone screen. I want to make/answer calls, send/reply on ALL messaging apps/email and drag/drop files from one to the other. I want to use settings, calendar, gallery... everything. And I want to do this all wirelessly. Just put my phone next to my computer, it connects via bluetooth and the phone screen appears on the computer screen.

I have tried Samsung SideSync and it was awful. It promised to do much of the above but didn't and it seems like it's not supported by Samsung anymore.
I've tried Crono and all it does is allow you to dismiss alerts, nothing else.

Usually at this stage on a forum, someone comes back to me with words to the effect of, "why would you want to do that?". Could we just skip that. OK, yes, I'm crazy, I'm stupid to want it.... but my question remains, does anyone know of a reliable app that does this? I'm not techy and will not be rooting/jailbreaking my phone. I just want a legitimate, off the shelf app.

Many thanks in advance.
Apple's and Android's software are worlds apart. I can see no way of doing what you seek to do. but I'll follow this thread to see someone comes up with a more positive answer.