Solved! Converting Wireless Subwoofer To Wired (Philips Fidelio)

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Mar 2, 2020
Hi All,
Hope you guys are doing fine. I have searched all over the internet and no proper solution i have come across. So i hope someone may help me out here.

I have this Philips Fidelio wireless Subwoofer (Model:B5) It is a part of a wireless system. The main unit is giving problems and so i couldn't use the subwoofer. i have opened the panel and the pictures are as per link below:

From what i gather, the boards have been separated into 2 parts: 1 is for transformer; and 2. for the amplifier. The unit is working is fine. I can't figure out there is the stereo in on the amplifier board. If you look closely, the rectangular shape metal piece is actually the bluetooth module to connect. i used my phone to search the sub, and it is discoverable but i couldn't pair the sub with my phone. I have also included in greater detail on the 'bluetooth chipset'. I am no engineer so i would know where or how to connect my 'line in' into the amplifier.

The amplifier is good and because of that, i would like to use it. There are cheap amplifiers around (TPA3116) but if possible, i would like to use the internal one.

I hope someone could help me out by showing me where or how to hook up the 'line in' into the current amplifier. Hope to hear from you guys soon.

Thanks in advance
The input of the internal amp would be connected to the output of the bluetooth receiver. You can search for the service manual of the Fidelio or for the pin out of the bluetooth module itself if it's marked with a maker and part number.
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