Cooling Mod: Intake under keyboard


Mar 27, 2011
So i have an acer aspire 5552g
(amd phenom II x4 n970 @ 2.2ghz 4gb ram radeon 6650m graphics [descrete graphics chip and vram but mounted on motherboard not in a seperate card] 500gb hard drive 1366x768 15.6" display)
and I have had it for about 4 months now it has always been powerful enough to run most every game (exept crysis *sigh*) on max settings @ the internal display resolution however, the components (mostly the cpu) run very hot. (cpu avg temp 97c tj-maxx 105c gpu avg 87-9c depending on program tj-maxx 110c. i know its safe at these temps but i still dont like it)

So the whole reason i thought of this was because when i broke my screen (dont carry laptops in backpacks without cases and with lots o crap kids) i disasembled the laptop to replace the screen and i figured while i was at it i would replace the thermal compound with some tuniq tx-3.

so before i re-assembled the notebook i decided to test everything out to make sure it worked before i put it back together. well the screen worked great (yey!) and i noticed a decent temp drop on cpu and gpu.(10c ish) i also noticed a drasticly increased airflow from the dinky little fan they have mounted on the heatsink. after looking at the design of the slits on the bottom of the notebook i found out 2 things

1: they are not exactly centered over the fan
2: they are not exactly big enough and dont cover the whole fan/restrict too much airflow

so for the sake of droping temps i was thinking about cutting the slits out to larger sizes. but then i noticed the blower style fan has an intake that is covered up by a plastic flap on the upper part of the shell. i covered that with a sheet of paper and continued my testing. just by adding that cover on the top of the fan the temps rose again by 7-8c.

that got me thinking.

1: if i add an intake under the keyboard it would drop my temps alot more so i can overclock my gpu higher =)
2: if i add an intake under the keyboard it would keep my wasd keys and the area arround it much cooler because of the cold air that is intaked over them =)
3: if i add an intake under the keyboard i wouldnt have to worry about the laptop overheating if placed on a surface like say my lap or bed that covers the bottom intake =D

sorry that was kinda lengthy but anyway
i have dissasembled many keyboards in my day but never a laptop one
that plastic film cant be cut or they board wont work
so this post was basicly a project/question post
any adivce on acomplishing this task?
P.S. i will make a tutorial when im done and post pics =)


Mar 10, 2008
Have you made any progress since October? I have the same cpu in my aspire 7551G-7459. As I speak I have a 120mm Scythe Fan mounted betwelen my notebook and the desktop. Temps just maxed out at 68 cpu and 58mobo after 18 holes of Tiger Woods Golf. I could try BF3 which is also on there and see how hot it gets with that running. Do you have the recommended temps from Acer?
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