Question Corsair Mic Not Working At All [URGENT]


Jul 26, 2016
I bought a Corsair HS60 Pro Surround 7.1 Headset about 2 weeks ago and it's a wonderful headset, but unfortunately there's a common issue with Corsair headsets that I didn't know about; It's the dreaded Conexant USB Audio bug.
After doing a mandatory update for windows yesterday, my headset and mic both show up as Conexant USB Audio. I've looked online and tried methods ALL night and into today trying to fix it and all I've gotten so far was getting Windows 10 to recognize the hardware as what it is. But now, my mic does not work at all and audio in the beginning of usage of the headset is still distorted and horrid (Common with this issue).
Also, iCue refuses to recognize my headset on the program. I've even done a fresh install of windows to see if that would fix any issues at all, and nope.
I record videos and such and this is very annoying and I really need help with this.
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Apr 5, 2021
No, I had to troubleshoot with the company and after nothing worked they sent me a new USB dongle. The mic isn’t super good but at least I can hear and the computer recognizes the mic.