cpu/gpu thermal throttling


Aug 25, 2014
So I have noticed some slight 'screen tearing' recently on my laptop. It is only about 6 months old but it is my primary gaming machine.
i7, 960m, 16gb ram
I installed HW monitor the other night and I noticed the laptop seems like it is thermal throttling. I forget the exact temps, but I believe the gpu was at like 75c and cpu 90c.. those may be flipped around but that is the max temp and it seems to be steady there.

Thing is.. I am playing World of Warcraft. The settings are turned up quite a bit.. possibly maxed, but even still I never thought WoW was that demanding.

Also the issue I notice is 'screen tearing' is that a normal sign for when a cpu/gpu throttle or what should I expect to be seeing? I guess I assumed I might notice a fps loss, but didn't expect tearing to occur.

I have contacted Asus and it sounds like they will RMA the laptop.. however this is my main computer and I really don't want to be without it for a few weeks which sounds like is typically the case. Also if the 960m isn't sufficient for WoW anymore would Asus ever allow an upgrade option? Where I can just pay them to difference and get a 970m or something instead?


Jul 22, 2013
Screen tearing can occur from fps higher or lower that the refresh rate of your monitor. If your machine can exceed 60 fps (which is likely the refresh rate of the screen) in WoW you should be running Vsynced to avoid heating issues. If you are doing this already or can't exceed 60 you may have some cooling system issues. Check the heat sink ports etc for dust and debris, things like that.


In my experience, upgrades are generally not offered by Asus but perhaps they could "swap" your lappie with an new one if determined to be defective. Asus laptops are made by Pegatron (Asrock's parent company) or Foxtron.

If you want an upgradeable laptop, you'd have to turn to Clevo.



Aug 25, 2014

computer is clean and always run on a hard flat surface. I turned vsync on (it was disabled) and things got even worse. instead of the occasionally tearing the whole screen started just lagging out for a second or so at a time instead.. needless to say I disabled it again because the tearing is much more bearable.

still under warranty and thinking of just doing an rma.. but it has become my main computer instead of my desktop and not sure what I would do if I didn't have it for 2-3 weeks which seems to be a pretty common turn around time..

I downloaded fraps last night and I will test some more and see what the fps are when I am playing. I do notice occasional lag spikes.. like huge battles in ashran however it seems smooth otherwise just the screen tearing.. which has started to become even more frequent.
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