Custom Binary still says 'Yes(1 counts)' after using Triangle away.

Daniel Byun

Feb 2, 2014
I recently rooted my Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 and I didn't enjoy it as much as others so I decided to unroot it and I also wanted to reset the binary just incase I needed the warranty again. I used triangle away before I installed the official samsung binary. I used odin and when I finished and went into Download mode, it says:

Custom Binary Download: Yes(1 Counts)
Current Binary: Samsung Official
System Status: Official

My phone is not not rooted and I currently do not know how to reset the custom binary counter. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks :)


Apr 20, 2012
Then you must keep away and better don't mess with your phone and don't modify your device until you can't even do simple steps or you are are scared of losing warranty. OP doesn't even replied.
It is possible but some internet noobs like you believe it isn't possible. Everything is possible but requires something in upper chamber of your head. Cheers.