Dell Inspiron 1000 - Refuses to boot w/ battery, keyboard issues


Oct 17, 2008
This is my first post, although I read Tom's Hardware for all of my computing-related needs when it comes to a desktop and components.

This particular issue has me stumped. I had been reading that sometimes the motherboards take a dump, but I think there would be other more serious issues...

Anyway here's what happens. First of all, if I attempt to boot with a battery installed, plugged in or not, I get an error message (on a black screen, no less) prior to Windows splashscreen that tells me that a system file is corrupted and windows cannot boot (it may very well say "your operating system", I don't recall because it's been so long since I've tried to boot with a battery in). If I remove the battery and boot with the A/C adapter, it boots just fine.

The other issue is that at times, the spacebar, B, N, comma and period keys stop working properly and actually take a bit of pressure to get to register. I haven't tried a different keyboard or anything, so I don't know if these are two unrelated problems or signs of a bigger, more sinister MoBo failure.

And lastly, I am under the impression that there were 2 or more different motherboards used in these models, and attempting to swap them is fruitless, futile and may result a paperweight.

Any suggestions?


Dec 14, 2002
Not really. Just some general observations:

I have 2, (but only 1 continues to work, the other has a bad board), but I've never experienced the issue you describe.

I can say that they are rather craptastic. Speedstep disabled in the BIOS so no support for a P4. I'm also no fan of on board non removeable memory. . . especially when it's only 256.

Anyway, right: the Inspiron 1000 and the very similar looking Inspiron 1200 / 2200 / Latitude 110L are not compatible in any way. Everything is different except for the battery, hd caddy / cover, and optical drive. Oh wait-- the top cover and LCD cover are the same (I also have a Latitude 110L).

The only possible thing to try is a new battery (make the upgrade to the li-ion one), but really. . I, uh, well, maybe it's time for a complete upgrade.


Jul 26, 2008
I have to agree with dwellman. The Inspiron 1000 is just too old to be expected to work correctly. You might as well start looking for an upgrade.
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