Question Dell Inspiron 15 5547 Boot Issue

Apr 16, 2019

I have repaired an Inspiron 15 5547 with the known hinge issue. It also required a new WiFi Antennta, due to the cables being damaged. After replacing the top palm rest the laptop will no longer boot. Following a user guide most of the laptop parts had to be removed. the laptop was fully working prior to the work.

Upon pressing the power button the fan starts to turn. after a few seconds the laptop powers down. No display is shown on the screen and no beeps. The white power light flashes once.

If you connect the power cable in the white power LED flashes once

If the laptop is left by itself after a fail boot the fan starts up and spins highly.

To check the laptop is performing POST I have disconnecting the LCD screen and then removed the RAM.
I heard 8 beeps - for LCD
On the RAM removal i heard 2 beeps.

All connectors are in place.

On one test boot the hard drive white illuminated for a split second and it looked like the laptop was going to boot, however it powered off.

I have held the power button down for 30 seconds, without the battery and power cable in.

Has anyone had this issue before?
Am i looking at a motherboard failure?

I doesn't show any fault lights apart from a single flash of the power white LED light.

Thank you.
Apr 16, 2019
I've dis-assembled and re-assembled the laptop following the guide here:

everything is back in place. After the power button is pressed the speakers have a tick sound coming from them. There is no fan spinning, and no POST beeps if RAM, Display or keyboard are unplugged. There is a small amount of heat coming from the processor area. Power is getting to the laptop is just isnt doing anything.

i've removed the battery to be sure it has no power going to it.

Any ideas?
Then the only other option, if all is connected correctly, would seem something is damaged.

It could be a few things, that I can't say for certain. While I get wanting to do the work yourself, but at this point I would honestly suggest taking it to someone to look it over. If it worked before you took it apart, other than hinge issue and WiFi problem, then something is not connected correctly or damaged. Which can happen, even to the best of us.
Apr 16, 2019
i'v now replaced the motherboard and it still wont boot. when the power supply is connected the power white LED flashes once and then stays on. It shows the motherboard is getting power. However upon pushing the power button it wont boot and the FAN wont spin.

I've also attempted to boot with no RAM and no display. still no boot and then fan wont spin either.

any ideas?
Have you tried replacing the battery? With an OEM one of course. Some systems just will not run without a functioning battery. I say replace with an OEM one because some systems also won't work with aftermarket ones (manufacturers are adding chips and such to them) as well as the fact that many aftermarket batteries can damage a device.
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