Question Dell Inspiron 5558 Screen Flashing

Jan 31, 2020
My Dell Inspiron screen is constantly flashing. Icons flash off and on. It cannot start any programs. Screen flashes in safe mode as well. I reinstalled using recovery back to a version six months ago but the screen continues to flash. Windows 10 had just updated.
I am a little confused. You say it is flashing, but then you can't click on icons? If it was the display itself you should still be able to click on things. However if it is software, then clicking could be a problem.

When you say you reinstalled the system using recovery, I am assuming you mean you used the "System Restore" to revert back to an old point? If that is the case, the problem may not have been removed.

Also the fact that it happens in "Safe Mode" makes it even less likely to be a software issue, unless it is the Windows system itself.

However, if you were able to use the "System Restore" you would have had to click on something. Please clarify the information so that we can better understand and assist.
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