Dell latitude E6410 Window 8


May 29, 2016
Hello there,
Nice to meet you...
I am having the similar problems with Dell Latitude E6410. While using it It get really hot and then the speed get down to half of his processing. It gets very slow so I shut it down when it's cool down. the problem is solved.

Secondly when I start my laptop There is something written like
Media test failure and Existing Intel boot agent.
I known many people have this problem so I need explanation here too??

But Laptop works really well. Due to this problem I am using Apple mac Air these days I wish If someone can help?
The same process continues sometime. One more thing Is it possible that a laptop can discharge the battery. I mean't that I bought my new battery on 3-3-2016. it provides 2- 3 hours works but suddenly in last two weeks. The total time it provides 1 hours 15 min and it keep on decreasing. Life time I mean.

Can some one tell what his wrong. If u may I can add new parts to get it fix?

Your Sincerely,