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    Discussion Any feedback on Dell Latitude 7400 ?

    Good day! Am considering the Dell Latitude 7400 for my next upgrade. Does this have a metal rollcage like what the Thinkpads used to have? Please do suggest other alternatives. Main considerations are 1. Battery life - at least 9 hours 2. Weight of around 1.5 - 1.6kg is OK...
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    Question Dell Latitude E7270 Won't Power On

    Hi, I recently bought a second hand Dell Latitude E7270 from eBay. It didn't come with RAM, Disk, Battery etc. but as I have a spare battery. I just purchased memory and disk. On insert of memory it powered up and I could get to the bios. Next, I added the battery and then it stopped...
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    Question There is no legacy boot option in the Dell Latitude 5400 Bios

    my latitude 5400 doesn't have legacy boot option..Is there any other option for me to use the Legacy mode.
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    Question Dell Latitude E5450 Display Upgrade

    Hello, I have a Dell Latitude E5450 with a 1366x768 LCD Screen. I just ordered a 1920x1080 FHD display from Both of the displays have an eDP 30 pin connector. Will the video cable for the 1366x768 display be compatible with the 1920x1080 display? If not, will I need to...
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    Solved! dell latitude 3440 laptop upgrades? is it worth it?

    wanting to upgrade my laptop to be better for nursing school and lite gaming (just WoW on lowish settings) would it be worth adding another 4gb ram (has 4gb right now) or just pop 2 8gb sticks and go to 16gb would it be worth putting an ssd in my laptop? or would i be better off buying a...
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    Solved! Dell Latitude E6500

    hi, my latitude e6500 wont boot...looks like the ram is not seated right...num lock keeps flashing...can anyone help or atleast post a close up picture of their memory area in the back of their latitudes? can it be due to other issues. if so, how to fix.
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    Solved! MY dell latitude laptop power button is on but it's not coming up. No display. I have tried to remove the battery and Press's

    The power button light is on. But the laptop not coming up. It's a dell latitude. I have tried to disconnect the power cable and remove the battery still doing the same thing
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    Solved! Best cpu for a dell latitude e6520 laptop

    What is the best cpu I can put in my dell latitude e6520 laptop??? They’re all fairly inexpensive for me to get a hold of so it’s worth while to get one. I have an i3 2330m now
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    Solved! my DELL LATITUDE E6400 keyboard is not working, some keys like s,d,5,6 and even Ctrl are not responding... what can I do?

    my DELL LATITUDE E6400 keyboard is not working, some keys like s,d,5,6 and even Ctrl are not responding... what can I do?
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    Solved! Dell E7440 or E7450

    Please suggest which laptop should i buy? Dell Latitude E7450(5th Generation) Core i 5 with 4 GB RAM Or Dell Latitude E7440(4th Generation) Core i 7 with 4 GB RAM
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    Why can't my Dell latitude-3350 play games?

    My laptops specs are 4gb of ram, Intel i3 5015u and Intel 5500 graphics. I know that an i3 isn't very good but shouldn't it at least be able to play games like CSGO, rainbow 6 siege, and ARK? I can only really play minecraft on it but it still sometimes lags. I have downloaded all the drivers...
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    Solved! Is the Dell Latitude 7490 any good?

    Hi, I need a laptop since I'm going to be studying Computer Science in a while. I got a very good deal on the Dell Latitude 7490, here are it's exact specs: Intel Kaby Lake R Core i7-8650U Quad Core 16GB DDR4 2400MHz RAM 512GB M.2 PCI-e SSD 14" FHD IPS Display Intel HD 620 Graphics Backlit...
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    Solved! Dell Latitude E5430 battery problem

    I have the second-hand Dell Latitude E5430 laptop. The battery (60Wh capacity) works about 2h (playing the movie from the pendrive). The charging time is 2-3h. The operating system (Windows 10 x64) shows the systematic decrease of battery energy from 100% to 30-35% (when the laptop works). Next...
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    Dell Latitude e6500 BIOS A29 no UEFI in Boot list options

    Windows 10 running but only in MBR boot mode not possible to define GPT mode
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    Is the 'Dell Latitude E6540 Game i7' fit for Oculus Rift VR?

    I am searching for a budget game laptop that can handle vr on low settings while also having enough ports for an oculus rift setup. I came across this one: 'Dell Latitude E6540', and I think it's good enough and has enough ports, but as I'm worried I may have overlooked something I wanted to ask...
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    Solved! Intel i5 Overheating

    I currently have a Dell Latitude E6420 with an Intel i5-2450m that quickly rises to 95C and above with any light to moderate load. I had a new cooler put in with a bigger fan and copper shims to no avail. (work was done by a local shop, the guys does very good work, brought several different...
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    Solved! Dell Latitude E6410: how much hours of battery life? 

    Well I bought a Dell Latitude E6410 battery few days ago.Now I want to know how to test its life?  How to be considered normal?
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    Solved! New Battery for Dell Latitude E6420 - Search recommendable providers

    Hello,  since my Dell Latitude E6420 battery is now completely wide, I am looking for a replacement. Although Google spits out several things really seriously not seem to me to some pages...
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    Solved! Can i change from a intel core i5 to an intel i7 on a dell latitude

    Can i change from a intel core i5 to an intel i7 on a dell latitude
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    Dell Latitude E4300 shuts down immediately after turning on

    Dell Latitude E4300 starts up, some blue lights, then a chirp, then it seems to loose power. Let me also add that all i have on the screen in blank/black. I don't see anything. I connected to a external monitor, still nothing. Any help or suggestions appreciated. I tried all the stupid ideas...
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    Solved! Dell Latitude E5550 Webcam Driver

    I have a Dell Latitude E5550 with running Windows 7 Professional. I have somehow lost my integrated webcam driver. Can someone point to where I can download it?
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    HELP! Dell Latitude E7450 laptop says it is plugged in and not charging.

    Dell Latitude E7450 laptop says it is plugged in and not charging. I have put in 2 batteries that are not officially from Dell, but are "compatible" batteries from Amazon and that both did not work. I also then bought a new original OEM charger and battery and I still get the same problem...
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    Dell latitude 3380 won't turn on

    I have a Dell latitude 3380, and I can't get the screen to turn on. The light on the power button is on but nothing else responds. If I move the mouse or press the button or hold down the button I can't get the screen to turn on. And the battery isn't low because the little orange light hasn't...
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    Solved! Laptop Dell latitude E6430 ear phone not working

    latitude e6430 earphone was working before, but now even after plugging the earphone sound is comes in the built in speaker, tried using different earphones which are working on mobiles and other laptops.
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    Solved! Laptop DELL LATITUDE 7480. I need BIOS bin file

    My laptop Dell Latitude stop viewing because the bios is corrupt. Not start, the display is black (no video). The tachnician says that I need the Bios bin file. How can I find it?
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    Solved! How do I unlock keyboard

    Windows 7 on Dell Latitude e5500 I can't find the setting to take down on-screen keyboard and unlock physical keyboard
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    Solved! Latitude E5400 Bluetooth unavailable

    I own a Latitude E5400 with Windows 10. There is no option to turn on or use Bluetooth.The Bluetooth Troubleshooter tells me that this device is not Bluetooth capable,which is not true since I have used Bluetooth with Windows 7 on this device .The problem has been present ever since I installed...
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    Dell latitude 7280 will not power up, doesn't have removable battery help!

    Dell latitude 7280 will not power up, doesn't have removable battery help! No removable/accessible battery. No lights come on. Nothing happens when I depress power button. Have plugged, unplugged, changed chargers to no avail. Did I say help?
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    Dell E5430 battery replacement

    Hi all. The battery on Latitude E5430 (model number T54FJ) is dead, but I have another battery, which is less in capacity (model number 8858x), but still, should be the same in size and the connectors seem to be in the proper place. Can I replace it with one? Is it safe? P.S. I'm sure it's in...
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    Solved! System crashing at welcome screen

    Actually, I disassembled my dell latitude e4300 laptop and after assembling, it is now restating again and again at the welcome screen. I haven't changed any hardware bit I feel like I haven't connected everything properly. Also, if I insert the windows disc and try to install a new copy of...
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    processore upgrade for laptop

    can i upgrade the processor of dell latitude E4300 core 2 duo Sp9400 to good one please suggest some processors to upgrade
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    Dell Latitude E5420 Wifi issue

    My laptop connects to wifi and works properly but in between it stop working and wifi connection status becomes "Limited Access", even though my wifi works completely fine on other devices. Unless i disconnect the wifi and wait for some 10-20 seconds to reconnect, it does not work. Please Help
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    Dell Latitude 7470 - LivePerson Chat Interface appearing very small

    Hi, I have a Dell Latitude 7470, and I have to run LivePerson chat on it. The chat interface is hopelessly small on this laptop model. It's not a problem with other models in the office. I have tried changing the overall computer resolution, but it hardly helps. The fonts remain inhumanly...
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    dell e6510 can i7 920xm

    Can i7 920xm be installed on the Dell Latitude E6510
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    BSOD in Latitude 7480 after NVMe M.2 SSD installed

    I own a 10 months old DELL latitude 7480. I needed more disk space so I replaced the OEM 256GB Toshiba HDD card with a new Samsung 512GB, 970 EVO NVMe M.2. The laptop works Ok and is fast enough with the new card but it produces regular BSOD (blue screens of death). At the beginning the error...
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    Number lock blinking while rebooting

    MY Dell Latitude E6510 laptops number lock will blink and other two indicators will lights steady while i restart. and it will stuck there. but it will boot if i press the power button. and also no issues in normal bootup .. issue only when i restart my computer.And my wifi module also not working.
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    Latitude 3350 no video on startup, D+on does show colours

    my laptop stopped showing video, called dell a technician came and said we cant fix it, because i used other non dell screws, which he said i had inserted "construction screws" which was not true and he wont repair it, i took out battery yes, i put it back in yes i plugged in charger yes i...
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    Earphone Problem Laptop

    So, I have a Dell laptop LATITUDE E6430 ATG suddenly whenever I plug in the earphones the sound does not come from earphones but from the built-in speakers. I have tried with several different earphones but nothing seems to be the solution. Though all those earphones work correctly on my phone...
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    I can't get pass the dell security manager screen. I dont remember my password. Can anyone help plz. Is there a reset button

    My Dell 7480 latitude is asking for a administrator password. I don't know it. I dont remember setting a password. I dont have access to another computer. Plz help me get passed this Administration password screen.
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    help to resolve this issue

    I can't find manage wirwless network & wi-fi on my Dell latitude e6440 laptop. It is hapenning for last 6 months. Sometimes, it connects to the internet and automatically everything comes back, The managage Wireless Network, Network Adapter & Wi-Fi etc but most of the time it is not available...
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    i5-3340M is it worth upgrading? Confused!

    Hello everybody, I have a Dell Latitude E6430, which I use it mainly as a "portable" gaming device with an eGPU. It has an i5-3340M on board (2.70 GHz - 3.4Ghz turbo) and 8GB DDR3 RAM. I have the possibility to cheaply upgrade it to i7-3740QM with around 55 dollars. Is it worth it? Does CPU...
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    Dell Latitude E6410 Fans not being registered/too slow.

    Hey, trying to find anyplace to control the fan speeds on my Dell Latitude E6410 and haven't been able to find anything regarding this, tried various different programs and even looked in the BIOS and found nothing regarding the fans. Can anyone please help? Overheating is too much of a problem...
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    What is the refresh rate on the dell latitude e6230

    Hello, I need a cheap laptop for work and playing light games like osrs and lol on low graphics. I've decided to get the dell latitude e6230. I just want to know what the refresh rate/hz is on this laptop. Thx!
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    does latitude 7490 work with evo 970 NVME 1TB?

    Hello i have laptop dell latiitude 7490 and i want to install on it it will work? i will get the NVME speed? or it won't work at all? thanks
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    how to adjust the hinges of the dell latitude e6400

    hi could you tell me how to adjust the hinges of the latitude e6400 because the screen is loose does not stop at any position thanks
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    stop cursor from jumping

    how do you stop the cursor from jumping on a Dell Latitude with ssd drive
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    wanna swap cpu in a dell latitude e6220

    so it comes with a i7 2620qm and i wanna swap it out for something better like a i7 2640qm iv also heard i can get a i7 2630 which is lower clock speed but quad core is there anything better than this also can the 2630 even be put in this laptop
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    How to cast screen wirelessly

    I have Dell Latitude E6230 and LG 4K Smart Television UF770T. My LG TV supports Miracast and Intel Widi. I saw through dxdiag my laptop does not support Miracast. But I am not sure about Intel Widi. Since intel has ended support for Intel Widi i can't download it's application too. I tried...
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    Hello can dell latitude d620 use Bluetooth? If yes how can I get it b'se I have already activated in the bios but I can't seem

    I have tried activating Bluetooth on my dell latitude d620 my operating system is Windows 10 . I have really tried and failed just seeking your support .
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    My dell laptop latitude 13 3380 goes to a black screem with cursor when I power it on

    Black screen when I power on
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    Laptop Dell Latitude E6430 Dead

    hello Everyone, A laptop Dell Latitude E6430 Is not switching.When i put it in charge in doesnt turn on its like its dead!!!!! can someone help me?
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    Can I run fortnite?

    Can my 8Gb DDR3 Memory 500Gb Hard Drive Windows 10 Pro 64bit Operating System 14.1" Display Size Intel Core i5 2nd Generation Processor Gen run fortnite and at what FPS and settings
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    Solved! Dell Latitude E7470 blinks orange and white with A/C Adaptor Plugged or not.

    One of our Dell Latitude E7470 Laptop in the office is not able to power on, It was working fine the previous day. When not plugged in and on battery power only, when I push the power button the battery indicator blinks orange and white. This also happens when the A/C adapter is plugged in.
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    Need help with laptop keyboard

    Hi I have a Dell latitude 3540 running Windows 10 and out of the blue the alt key will spaz out and I can't do anything. If I hit the control key it will stop but then I can't type anymore without it pulling up a command.
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    Latitude e5500 touchpad does not work

    I got this laptop a few weeks ago and the first thing I noticed was that none of the gestures work. The only one I really care about is the scroll gesture (the two fingers) because I have a few shopping apps on here that don't have scroll bars for some reason and the buttons won't work so...
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    Solved! Dell Latitude E5430 issue with keyboard. some letters add more characters when typing

    Hi, I am in desperate need of some assistance. At work few of us use the same laptop which is Dell Latitude E5430. Yesterday when i came to work i noticed i couldn't even log in using laptop's keyboard because when typing in password most characters were adding extras when typing. I managed to...
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    Dell latitude e6420

    My laptop was working fine before my exams but when I started it yesterday it just refused to start but light blinks and fan works for a while when connected to charger and when battery is also plugged in. But when it is directly connected it doesn't start power light just blink once.
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    NEW Hard Drive

    OK, so I have a Dell Latitude. It came with Windows 10 and a 500GB Toshiba HDD. I recently purchased a Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD. Problem. When I put the new HDD into the laptop it's not recognized. BIOS doesn't see it, when I try to do a clean install the installer says I need to load the...
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    Dell Latitude e7240

    I have a dell laptop that is currently stuck in Airplane mode. I don't know how this has happened as there was nothing wrong with it before I went to bed and ive woke to this this morning... please can some one help me I have tried the FN&F2 and the FN&PRTSCN too .. I just want my laptop to go...