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  1. C

    both shift not working on dell latitude laptop, win7

    my name is frank, having a dell latitude laptop and both shift suddenly stopped working, is there any solution
  2. J

    Dell Latitude E7240 takes 2 hours to start up

    So I'm trying to help a friend out and speed up his boot time. He has a Latitude E7240 Ultrabook, but every time he restarts it or powers it on, it takes in excess of 2 hours. One of my possible theories is that his System & Reserve is at an astonishing 101GB. We downloaded the Dell Support...
  3. K

    The Sims 4

    I have a Dell latitude e6410 laptop can I play the Sims 4 on this laptop
  4. T

    DELL LATITUDE E6430 RAM- Will 8GB 2Rx8 PC3-12800S-11-11-F3 work?

    Hi there! I bought two pieces of Samsung 8GB 2Rx8 PC3-12800S-11-11-F3 RAM to upgrade the 2 pieces of 2GB 1Rx8 PC3L-12800S-11-11-B2 in my laptop. However, when I put the new RAM in, the laptop didn't boot up. I put the old RAM (the 2x2 GB pieces) and it runs fine. I also tried to swap in only...
  5. W

    Dell laptop power button light blinking but not turning on

    My Dell Latitude is not starting up after pressing the power button, it just blinks 10 times and nothing happens after that. Please help!
  6. T

    I have a dell latitude locked up on a word document

    Help. I'm in the middle of a document I don't want to lose
  7. V

    lid partially open vs. closed? (Dell Latitude 5580)

    Hello, I'm using a Dell Latitude 5580 laptop with an external monitor. The problem is that my desk is pretty small, so I cannot keep the lid fully open. The solution I found so far is to keep it partially open, somewhere between 30-45 degrees. I'm thinking about a few downsides of doing this...
  8. S

    How can I take a screenshot on a Dell Latitude E6400

    Trying to screenshot and nothing works. What am I doing wrong?
  9. C

    eGPU for Dell Latitude E5420

    Hey guys I wanted to add an eGPU to my Dell Latitude E5420 Specs:- i5 2.50ghz 4gb Ram 500gb HDD Intel HD 3000 I am trying to run ETS2 on it on HD but I am getting 10-15FPS and a lot of crashes from overheating... Note that I already have a Monitor And I want a Graphics card a PCI adaptor and...
  10. A

    My laptop won't start up

    My laptop won't start up. It's a Dell latitude E6430s and when I hit the power button it lights up and so does the caps lock key. Then the fan runs for a second and then stops. And if I hold the key down it just goes into an endless cycle of the previously mentioned cycle.
  11. J

    Fitting 850 Evo into a Dell Latitude 5580 with M.2 Drive

    My Latitude 5580 has a 500 GB M.2 Drive in it, and I thought it would have room for a 2.5" drive, but it doesn't. I was thinking of mounting the 850 evo without its shell because it's only about half the size of its shell. The attached image is not of my laptop, but of one configured with the...
  12. F

    Dell latitude e7240 shut off and won't turn back on no indication of power

    No sign of power even the charger is connected
  13. S

    Latitude E5540 motherbaord short

    Hello, I have a latitude E5540 and unfortunately whenever I connect the power the light goes out on the PSU. I have tried from battery and it still won't switch on. I assumed it may be shorting on the case soemwhere. I have stripped it down and removed the motherboard but still the light...
  14. L

    Laptop Dell Latitude e6420 32gb of ram ?

    Hello I have a dell latitude e6420 with an i7 2760qm the intel page tells me that this processor its maximum RAM is 32gb now the question is can I put 2 memories of 16gb in my laptop e6420? here the memories:
  15. A

    Improve performance of Del Latitude D430 laptop?

    Hi, I have a Dell Latitude D430 laptop, running Windows 7 Home Premium. I like this laptop for its dimensions and build quality, but, of course, it's slow, with its 1.5ghz CPU and SATA 1.0 & DDR2 motherboard. It already has the maximum supported RAM (2GB). I'm looking for ways to improve its...
  16. packersfan036

    dell latitude bios question please help

    I have a dell latitude e5430 should I update the bios the current bios I'm using is from 2013 dell released a bios update this year. I'm just afraid to update cause I don't want to brick my laptop. any advice??
  17. M

    My mouse is not working

    I have a Dell Latitude laptop. I can get my mouse to move using the touchpad, but when I double click or right click, I can't get anything to open.
  18. J

    My Dell latitude constantly turns off everytime I turn it on. It sometimes makes it to the home screen mostly does not...

    My Dell latitude constantly turns off everytime I turn it on. It sometimes makes it to my home screen and sometimes it powers off during the start up... Every once in awhile it will let me get 15minutes to an hour into a project, video, or game etc. before *POOF* it just cuts off. HELP!
  19. A

    Laptop stuck on dell logo fixed now issue with HDD

    Bought a used laptop Dell Latitude E6540, was working fine, let windows 10 install updates, and installed a couple of other programs then restarted and got stuck on the Dell logo screen, so i tried removing the battery and pressing the power button and it didn't work.. BUT i took the advice of...
  20. N

    Dell Latitude E6440 factory reset

    Searching online gives me a "press F8 on bootup" to get to advanced settings. When pressing F8 it doesnt do anything. On bootup it says "F12 for settings", but those settings don't lead to a factory reset option that I am able to find.
  21. A

    Dell turns on, no display, and then off

    I have Dell Latitude e6530 laptop I have purchased a used ssd and had inserted it. i tried to turn it on. The power button and caps lock led turned on then after some seconds it automatically turned off .each time i try I have already tried the following, but nothing happens: I tried it with...
  22. V

    Can I play GTA 5 on my dell latitude e7470

    Do i have the rquired stats I5 core 8 GB Ram
  23. D

    Latitude e6540 lifetime

    Hi all! I own Dell Latitude e6540. According to Dell it was produced in Q3 2013. So now it almost 4 years old. And I am afraid it will die soon. Do you know some links about laptops failure statistic? For example typical lifetime per laptop model. Thanks.
  24. H

    Booting order d400 latitude

    Booting order d400 latitude
  25. R

    E6420 keyboard faulty?

    I bought a secondhand dell latitude e6420 laptop, got home and it was fine. Next day on first use the keyboard stopped responding. (onscreen kb is fine). Restart fixed it but problem returned and keeps returning. It doesn't seem to be associated with any one thing, keys operated or the lid...
  26. R

    mouse quit working

    the (builtin) mouse on my dell 620 latitude laptop. It quit working the pad, works to move arrow,but enter will not work either I plugged in an external mouse it works,but is a great hassell,I upgraded drivers.tried to get dell to help but tag (JB4HRC1) is 10 years old I bought it...
  27. L

    Latitude E5570 laptop will charge using docking station but will not charge when directly connected to power supply

    I have a Dell Latitude E5570 that will charge on my docking station and the battery will hold a charge. However when I plug in the power supply directly into the laptop the LED light turns off. I have opened up the laptop and disconnected the power port and plugged in the power supply, the LED...
  28. D

    How to bypass the admin password without a windows disk or internet access

    I bought a dell latitude 830 secondhand. Is there anyway to b bypass the admin password without a windows 7 disk or internet access?
  29. A

    Dell latitude can run gta5 or not

    Can my laptop dell latitude e6420 core i5 4gb ram can run gta 5 or 4 .
  30. G

    Dell Latitude E5410 some keys not working

    Replaced keyboard but still have, cde missing plus no number 3 - any ideas
  31. R

    Latitude E6430 Has no GPU Installed?

    so i was switching laptops out of my dads closet when i found this big laptop (which i thought you could put 2 hard drives in but you cant) and switched it out with the old one. the one i switched from was the Latitude E6330. And im trying to start minecraft, and it gave me the error of pixel...
  32. J

    how to take screenshot

    i have a latitude dell laptop and its window i cant figure out how to take screen shot i press f11(prtscr) with alt but its not working like it post to do please help me
  33. packersfan036

    dell laptop charger question

    can I use a 65w charger if the original charger was a 90w? I'm not sure what my dell latitude e5430 originally came with cause I'm using a aftermarket with no label. but a friend gave me a dell oem charger that he was using with his dell inspiron laptop. from what ive read some say I can use it...
  34. F

    Unlock dell #JZO97J1-2A7B

    I got this labtop for yard sale need to unlock it is a dell latitude E6500 the number that show is #JZO97J1-2A7B
  35. D

    latitude d430 black screen when turned on

    i have a dell laptop latitude d430 , i used to turn on my laptop the lights turned on but the screen is black, i cant open and start it. the dell logo appears a second but suddenly it goes all black and then there is sounds beeping.
  36. K

    Can't update Dell Latitude E6410 Core i7 Graphics adapter beyond the Intel HD Graphics

    I have this Dell Latitude E6410 Core i7 2.67Ghz running windows 10 64-bits with 6GB RAM. By default, it had about 3GB Total Available Graphics Memory with 0 Dedicated Video Memory. Then I updated the Graphics Adapter Driver through Device Manager to Intel HD Graphics, only for the Total...
  37. P

    why orange light flashes on my Delllap top latitude D630

    it's been blinking ever since I bought the charger
  38. L

    The battery doesnt keep the charge

    My dell latitude laptop dos not keep the charge for a long time
  39. L

    Help optimize Dell Latitude E6520 for simple gaming, IE Heroes of the Storm and other MOBAs, Please

    Hey guys, I have a Dell Latitude E6520 here are the specs: CPU: i7-2760QM Memory: 8 gigs Storage: 250 gig Samsung SSD Graphics: Nvidia NVS 4200M the rest of the specs are normal dell OEM stock. This is my question. Can someone who owns or has a good bit of experience with this laptop post...
  40. O

    How to remove a bios password from a dell latitude e5450?

    when I boot my dell e5450 laptop, this massage come on the screen (No bootable device found) It also give me options F1, F2 and F5. F2 will take me to the bios setting and they will ask me to unlock my bios. Please help with this problem.
  41. B

    Gdc beast v8

    I have a dell latitude e6420 with intel 3000 igpu only and I need to know if these components will work I know they would but can I make them use my internal display? Gdc beast v8 Gigabyte gtx 950 2gb Intel i5 2540m 8gb ram
  42. C

    Dell Latitude E6420: Keyboard periodically losing power requiring re

    I have a Dell Latitude E6420. For about three years I had no problems with the keyboard. Recently however, the keyboard occasionally stops working. This usually happens after I undock it from the PR03X docking station. To fix it. I power off the computer, remove the battery, hold the power...
  43. J

    Can I turn my Latitude D620 into a gaming laptop?

    If yes, can the latest hardware be used?
  44. S

    Help with what to put on a Dell Latitude D430

    I've gotten a laptop to use since my Asus X555LAB Died randomly and I don't know what to install in it. It's got a Core 2 Duo U7600, 2GB Ram, 60GB HDD and I was wondering what to install?
  45. R

    DELL LATITUDE E6430 won't switch on

    Hi, I have a Dell Latitude E6430. Whenever I press the power button, the HDD LED light flickers, then goes off but the screen stays blank. However the light to indicate that the power is on, stays lit. When I press the power button again, the fan whirs and the the laptop shuts off. I was...
  46. K

    Black Screen for DELL LATITUDE E6510

    When I turn it on the blue windows icon comes on and it sometimes shows the "dell owner" for log in. When I click log in it goes black. What I've tried: 1. I changed my login password, but that did nothing. 2. I did the unplug, pull out battery, press power button (I timed myself on my phone...
  47. U

    Latitude 3330 Keybard

    Hey, I have got dell latitude 3330, but i can not use a QUESTION MARK, DOUBLE POINTS, ... Can you help me to fix this. Thanks
  48. Z

    Old Dell USB Bootloop

    I recently bought a used Dell E6410 (specs at bottom of post) and the seller said all the hardware fully worked, but the hard drive was wiped. Unfazed, when I got the laptop I set out to install windows XP from a 64GB Usb3.0 flash drive I had laying around. I already used it once successfully...
  49. G

    Dell latitude laptop display starts up erratically

    My two year-old Dell Latitude e5440 laptop is displaying erratic start-up behavior when restarting from shut down or from hibernation. When the laptop is disconnected from AC power and all accessory devices and I press the power button, the caps lock key and the battery light on the front light...
  50. ZealFied

    Dell Latitude E6430 Gaming And Sim Slot

    Hi, I just bought Latitude E6430, it's a very nice laptop. 1st: There is a SIM slot underneath the battery, i was wondering if it can be used for mobile data 4G LTE or 3G, but windows doesn't detect it and there are no driver for it on Dell's website. Does anybody know why is that SIM slot...
  51. 7

    Replacing CPU Fan on Dell Latitude E6430 - Just fan or both heatsink and fan?

    The cpu fan went out on my Dell Latitude E6430 laptop. For replacing it, I see both heatsink and fan for sale, as one package...and also just the fan. Can I get away with just replacing the fan on this model without messing with the heat sink? Also, where/what website could I find a good...
  52. ashd90

    Older Win XP Dell Latitude D600 not powering on

    I was given a Dell Latitude D600 by a family friend who was going to trash it because it will not power on, however when you plug it in using the power chord, the green battery light and others come on as if its charging or something is happening but when you hold down the power button for any...
  53. D

    is it posible to get an external graphics card?

    is it possible to get an external graphics card for my dell latitude e6320 with an i5 and 8 gb of ram? thanks to all that respond
  54. L

    dell latitude 7275

    Hi im having problems with my dell latitude not connecting to its thin keyboard, not really sure what to do, ive reset my laptop but still not sure what to do. thanks
  55. R

    Dell Latitude 7350 (2-in-1) won't boot up

    I was using laptop last night with no obvious issues. All of a sudden got black screen, wasnt sure if sleeping or powered down. Pressed usual power buttons but no boot up. (1) When powered in to AC I have 2 solid white lights indicating power OK on base unit (keyboard) and main display (2) Have...
  56. A

    Looking for help.

    I have a Dell Latitude 3350 and i think i downloaded something with a virus or something, so now i cant open google,internet explorer nothing at all.
  57. G

    Dell latitude 5580 gtx 940mx 2Gb 64bit: ddr3 or gddr5

    Hi! Could you tell me wich 940mx is used in the Latitude 5580 - i7-7820hq?
  58. Q

    How do i find the password

    How do i unlock my dell latitude e6510