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  1. G

    Dell latitude e4310 failed to start

    Hi, in my Dell latitude e4310, when I connect charger cable, battery led is blink twice and then continues glowing, but when I push power button, it glows for 30 sec or so and then off. During power button glowing, I hear no sounds like no internal components are working. What should I do?
  2. D

    Installed new 1TB Drive w/Windows 10 64 Bit works fine, Old Win 10 32 Bit won't boot

    My old stock WD Scorpio 200 MB drive in a Dell Latitude E6410 w windows 10 32bit was fine but to small. I Installed a 1 TB Drive with windows 10 64, works fine. The old drive will not boot. I need to get some files off the old one.
  3. F

    How to Dial Number on Latitude e6430. No dialer found in laptop.

    How to Dial Number on Latitude e6430 i dont see anything,, help ...! I have data sim enabled i want to Subscribe to a data package and for that i need a number dialer which i cant see anywhere :(
  4. C

    Dell Latitude E6420 Plugged In Not Charging

    Hey all, Having the dreaded plugged in, not charging issue. What I've done so far: Compressed air to clean port and adapter Checked under the hood to make sure connections were all there Have up to date BIOS Unplugged and cleaned battery connections Any ideas?
  5. J

    black screen dell

    I have a dell latitude D630 it starts up has the dell logo let's me put in my security code but that's it then the screen goes black I don't know if it's because I don't have linux any more or what but I've went online but nonething worked the laptop also powers off by it self
  6. M

    how can i check if my battery is charging

    My dell latitude 3150 is plugged in but I am getting an error message that the battery needs charging. How do I check this?
  7. G

    How do I bypass the hard drive authentication password on my hard drive after I performed a low level format to avoid a virus/

  8. V

    Keypad working wrongly.

    I bought new dell latitude 3460 today. but in this I found that 'at the rate' is not working properly instead of that it comes as double inverted comma. I checked the dell site. but did not get any suitable driver . Can any one help me in this.
  9. K

    Battery in Dell Latitude E5430

    I've seen several posts about this, but not quite the same symptoms I am experiencing. My battery is flashing a sequence of 4 quick orange and 1 longer white. However: 1. Windows tells me that the battery is 100% charged with 3 hr 31 mins remaining (edit: just changed to 5 hr 38 mins), 2. The...
  10. S

    Bluray drive from SFF to Latitude Laptop

    Can I take the Bluray guts from Dell SFF and put it in the casing of a regular DVD drive on my Dell Latitude laptop? Bluray casing on the the Dell SFF is slightly thicker than the one on the laptop.
  11. L

    Chaging 40Wh 2630mAh battery to 65Wh 5700mAh

    Hello all I'm replacing the battery of a Dell Latitude 3440. The original one is 40Wh 2630mAh 14.6v and the new one is 65Wh and 5700mAh 11.1v, it could be a problem if the new battery is not exactly the same as the old one? I don't know much about this things of Wh and mAh so any help would be...
  12. elewis521

    DELL Latitude D630 BIOS password

    I have a dell D630 laptop that has a bios password lock. I have taken the CMOS battery out over night, I have tried to jump the bios chip and I have contacted DELL and gave them the unit's service tag and I have had zero luck with anything.
  13. L

    Latitude 3540 Safe Mode

    Hi, I have a Dell Latitude 3540 on Windows 10 and I can't get into safe mode. I hit F8 at boot and it brings me to a screen that has windows defender offline on it.  If I either cancel that or let the scan run, it reboots again after.  If I have multiple failed reboots, that also takes me to...
  14. J

    how can i connect my ps3 with my dell laptop latitude E5540

    the laptop has all hdmi and usb ports
  15. M

    Laptop comparison - can't decide

    Hello all, I'm trying to decided between these 3 Dell laptops, two are Dell Latitude E7240 are another is Dell Latitude E6330. Here are the specs between the 3, and i'm trying to figure out which is the better one to get. I'll be using this mainly for portability, use in class and on the road...
  16. S

    connect a dell latitude d630 laptop to an acer projector

    I have a dell latitude d430 laptop will this conect to a acer moniter
  17. I

    i have a dell latitude d 510 running win.7 pro do i need an antivirus program or windows defender enough

    i purchased a dell latitude d 510 and came with avira antivirus and avira launcher do i need it or windows defender enough protection i notice windows defender is turned off
  18. C

    Dell Latitude E5470. Downgrade to Windows 7?

    Hey guys, I have a Latitude E5470 that came with Win 10 pro and I would like to downgrade to Windows 7. I noticed there are Win 7 drivers for this laptop in the Dell support site. So i'm assuming it's doable. Anyone know how to get this done? I'm assuming I will have to purchase a coy of...
  19. S

    Resetting the BIOS

    I have a Dell Latitude 3340. Recently my fan stopped working and now whenever I play high perfomance game like csgo, the laptop shuts down and when I restart it a message shows PC shut down due overheating I have been looking for help and recently found that resetting the BIOS would make the...
  20. A

    [Dell Latitude 5530] Replaced motherboard, black screen and no POST upon boot.

    Hi everyone, I received orders from my supervisor to install a new motherboard on this laptop for a client. I installed the new mobo, hooked up the bare minimum (SSD, RAM, CPU, and verified that all connections are indeed plugged in and solid.) After around 2 hours worth of testing the laptop...
  21. J

    I have a Dell Latitude| E6410 and it has a camera but it needs to be installed and I don't know how

    It has a camera but it needs to be installed and I don't know how. :fou: If there is another way to get a camera installed on here that would be great thanks for helping. :)
  22. Z

    Dell latitude e400

    Windows 6 is on my dell latitude e400 when I bought it used. I was wondering what the best windows operating service would be to put back on it. ( would like to have windows 10)
  23. C

    Help Choose laptop please

    Hey, I'm a first year computer science student and am looking for a laptop - say for around $500. Size can be no bigger than 14", i want it to be lightweight and portable, and preferably long lasting; at least a couple years. Average battery life would suffice. Maybe you guys have better...
  24. M

    Can i play games with dell e6230 latitude withoud cam

    i have a dell latitude E6230 12.5 screen, i want to know about the graphics of this laptop and which type of games i can play with dis laptop
  25. R

    Dell Latitude E7440 Wont turn on

    Hello, My Latitude E7440 Laptop will not power on, the battery wont charge neither the light will appear for a second than turn off. The backlit keyboard will flash for a second before turning off the only thing that stays on is the power button which will flash for a few seconds. I've tried...
  26. T

    where do you plug a microphone into a dell latitude e6500 computer?

    where do you plug a microphone into a dell latitude e6500 computer?
  27. S

    Dell Latitude 5340 vs Lenovo T430

    Wanting to upgrade. Tired of spending $600 for laptops. Saw these as refurbished units but have the opportunity to buy a Lenovo Yoga 700 for around the same. The first two are running WIN 7 Yoga is running WIN10
  28. L

    Dell Latitude - Not Booting Properly

    Hello, I am working on a weird issue with a Dell Latitude E6430. When it is off and turned on, all of the status lights come on for about 1 second then just the power button light is on... screen is black. If I then push the power button it shuts down. If I then push the power button again, the...
  29. K

    How much would this sell for?

    I'm thinking of selling my Dell Latitude E6400. I got it refurbished 3 or 4 years ago, and I just wiped it and am currently installing Windows 7 Professional on it right now. Does anyone know how much it's worth or would sell for?
  30. P

    Is it safe to apply thermal paste to a laptop CPU(Dell Latitude E6400)

    I watched a video on how to replace the CPU of a E6400 in order to figure out how easy it is to access the CPU, it seems all i gotta do is remove the heat sink. I installed thermal paste on desktop CPUs, but I'm not sure if you can use them for...
  31. M

    Dell D6430. Black screen but powering ON and HDD working.

    Hi, Patient is corporate Dell Latitude E6430. Warranty is over unfortunately. Here's what happens: When I turn ON the laptop the screen is dark/OFF, same goes for VGA and HDMI output. Everything else seems to work: fans, HDD (sounds of needle reading data), LEDs, DVD-ROM. I already unplugged...
  32. M

    Dell Latitude E7250 touchpad

    There are several users for this laptop (Dell Latitude E7250), and each logs in to his/her own profile when using it. One of the users accidentally deactivated the touchpad on his profile, resulting in a cursor that won't move on his profile and only his. We've searched for a solution but can't...
  33. J

    Dell Latitude E6400 "Boot Beep"

    Hello! I recently obtained a Dell Latitude e6400 from my boss. It does work, but when powering on, it has some incessant, loud beeping during the boot screen. Is there a way to turn this off? Thank you in advance!
  34. S

    My Dell latitude e6510 won't connect to the Ethernet? It connects to the Wi-Fi fine

    My Dell latitude e6510 will not connect to the Ethernet everything is connected fine but no worky worky. It connects to the Wi-Fi perfectly. I brought it refurbished on eBay. Please some one help!!!!
  35. E

    Laptop stuck on dell logo

    My laptop stuck on dell logo my laptop model is latitude D630 I also tried to diagnostic tests to boot it but I didn't work and all the numbs lock back up and scroll down light are blinking with beeps sound
  36. G

    Dell latitude d531

    OK, I am an idiot, I lost my balance, dropped the laptop. The power goes on, I see power, battery, n wifi light, I hear the cd rom.spinning, black screen. I have tried suggestions from what I read with no success. Any ideas? Is this a lost cause? Thanks.
  37. R

    @ and " reversed on UK keyboard setup

    I'm trying to sort the key settings on a Dell Latitude laptop, at the moment the @ and " are reversed. I have already reset the default keyboard to UK in regional settings and removed the US keyboard option. I have also changed the location to UK. None of this has worked! The keyboard setup...
  38. L

    Dell latitude E6410 Window 8

    Hello there, Nice to meet you... I am having the similar problems with Dell Latitude E6410. While using it It get really hot and then the speed get down to half of his processing. It gets very slow so I shut it down when it's cool down. the problem is solved. Secondly when I start my laptop...
  39. H

    Suggest upgrade options for improving performance.

    Hi, I have following laptop: Dell Latitude E6420 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2720QM (2.2GHz, 6M cache) with Turbo Boost Technology 8GB (2x4GB) 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM 500GB 7200rpm Hard Drive For most of my work this is quite good, however, I have to often run a tool which take about 10 to 12 hours to...
  40. D

    Removing Bluetooth from Dell Latitude E6410

    Dear Forum, I own a Dell Latitude E6410. My device manager is detecting: Model DW 375 Bluetooth Module Can someone please tell me if this is a removable module card, or is this something that is integrated into the motherboard? This video seems to imply this is removable...
  41. gyrne69

    Dell Latitude E6410

    I am thinking about getting a Dell Latitude E6410, Intel i7 dual core 2600 mHz. Will this play runescape
  42. T

    Extreme PC Lag

    Hello, I have a Dell Latitude E6420 with these specs: Intel I5 2520M 2.50GHz Ram: 4Gb Intel HD 3000 graphics. When I first got the PC, it was running fine with no speed issues at all and the games that I played ran fine, such as F1 2013, Euro Truck Sim 2, Darkest Hour, etc... These ran at...
  43. J

    i have recently purchased a used dell latitude E4300 and both shift keys are not working

    i have recently purchased a used dell latitude E4300 and both shift keys are not working
  44. adast

    Dell Latitude E6400 upgrade to ssd

    Hi so my mother has a laptop and its really slowing down as i want to get something to upgrade like to ssd or something i know that cpu gpu is not upgradeable but at least will ssd make the laptop at least a bit faster running the laptop specs Intel core 2 Dou p8700 @2.53Ghz 4gb ram 134gb hdd
  45. C

    use the mouse and type at the same time

    i have a dell laptop latitude e6410 and cant use the mouse and keys at the same time
  46. M

    Using a laptop charger with a different amperage

    I bought 3 dell branded laptop chargers for cheap at a yard sale. They all have a different look, but all have the same specs which are 19.5v 3.34a My laptop is a dell latitude e5420 and came with a charger that is 19.5v 4.62a, Will using these chargers put any stress or cause any effects to my...
  47. N

    Dell Lattitude E6410 - webam not detected ..need driver assistance

    I have a refurbished Dell Lattitude E6410 but my webcam is there but its not detected by skype or facebook.. Can You -please guide in the right directon to retrieve the webcam drivers so I can use my cam ? Thanks My specs are Intel Core i7 8G RAM
  48. M

    Dell Latitude ac adapter lights turn off when plugged in. Laptop won't turn on

    I was working on my Dell Latitude e5540 and suddenly it turned off. The ac adapter and battery were in. Now it won't turn on. The lights on the ac adapter (original) are off. If I plug the adapter to the wall the adapter lights turn on, but when I plug it into the laptop the adapter lights...
  49. T

    Need help deciding on tablet pc (Lenevo vs Dell)

    Hello all. I'm currently looking into buying one of the older generation tablets, the Latitude XT2, Lenevo X200 Tablet or X220 Tablet. I'm not interested in the newer ones so please don't suggest that Now, I will be using this for online usage, (browsing), using things such as MATLAB and...
  50. U

    My Dell Latitude D630 laptop (Glitch)

    My Dell Latitude D630 laptop has been acting up since November. I know it's a glitch and I know it's the touch pad. I have ran all the scans, defragged, re-installed my Win7 OS...IT'S STILL THERE. I cannot uninstall the P/S 2 touchpad either. Viewing e-mail, pics, etc. is impossible...
  51. K

    Dell Latitude 7350 Wont power on

    Hello, i was updating some drivers on the Dell Latitude 7350 and one of them was a bios update, i went and installed it but after it did that and restarted the computer wont turn on. The power light just repeatedly blinks with 2 pulses and about a 2 second pause. When i try to turn it on the...
  52. G

    Fixing power button on Dell Latitude d620

    I have a Dell Latitude d620 that won't turn on. The culprit seems to be a broken power button. Specifically, it looks like the flexible circuit board underneath the button has a cut it in, and isn't completing the circuit. Also, the rubber button underneath that presses on the circuit board...
  53. S

    i have a dell laptop latitude model having weird issues after inactive and lid being closed and re opened

    i have a dell laptop latitude model.After walking away from my computer and it being inactive for 20 to 30 min or if i close lid.When i try to start using it again or open lid and try to start using it.The laptop stutters,lags,and freezes repeatedly.If i restart laptop it runs fine even if i...
  54. S

    I have a headset with 2 cables for mic and audio but my laptop only has 1 socket

    I have a dell LATITUDE e6330 and a headset with 2 cables but the latitude only has 1 hole. My PC also cant find the mic for some reason even though I got an adapter. But the adapter I got was really cheap so I'm not sure whether it was the adapter or the computer.
  55. S

    Dell e6230 egpu

    Could I use a gtx 950 through egpu expresscard to a Dell latitude e6230? Will the cpu bottleneck that card?
  56. S

    Which is the bes for me!

    Hi I am a 1st year computer science student. I want to buy a laptop. I found those two Dell laptops Dell latitude e7450 I5 5300u 5500hd graphics 8gb ram 500gb HDD 14 inch 1080p antiglare display. 1.6kg. And the second is: Dell inspirion 3543 I5 5200u Nvidia 820m + 5500hd graphics 8gb RAM...
  57. S

    Brightness serious Problem

    I have a Dell Latitude which has a serious problem. When laptop screen displace only lightly the brightness lowers down to very low like dark black and only comes when charger is connected .give me answer
  58. W

    Free Fingerprint Reader Software?

    Bought a Dell Latitude E5530 a couple of years ago. It came with a fingerprint reader, but it looks like the included software is worthless. I had another laptop that had a reader with an included software program (digitalPersona) that let me log into websites and all sorts of password...
  59. B

    dell latitude E6410 wifi disabled after upgrade to Win10

    I've upgraded dell latitude E6410 from windows 7 to windows 10. wifi is disabled, the modem hw does not appear on BIOS, only Bluetooth appear when turning on the wifi button. appreciate your help Regards MA