Dell Latitude E7250 touchpad


Jul 4, 2016
There are several users for this laptop (Dell Latitude E7250), and each logs in to his/her own profile when using it. One of the users accidentally deactivated the touchpad on his profile, resulting in a cursor that won't move on his profile and only his. We've searched for a solution but can't find one. For instance, there is no Fn key that has a picture of the touchpad. It's got volume, brightness, wireless, sleep, etc, but no touchpad. And we don't have a mouse to use. What likely simple solution are we missing?
Log in to that user's account.
Plug in any cheap USB mouse.
Re-install the Touchpad driver from Dell's website (Synaptics driver most likely).
Unplug the mouse.
Touchpad should be active again.