Weird Asus Touchpad Issue


Aug 26, 2015
I have already contacted ASUS and their solution was for me to send my laptop in. Horror :(
Model: G750JS OS Win10
Laptop is never exposed to moisture, spills, or bumps and bruises. Desktop replacement that never moves.
So a week ago I upgraded to win10. No problems. This evening I wiped my laptop down with a dry papertowel.
Following this, my mouse began to behave strangely. First noticed that when I click tabs in chrome, it closes the tabs, where before it would bring the tab forward. Next noticed that while the cursor moves, I cannot click the X to close a window, or click any of the tiles to open a program. Also just moving the cursor causes the screen to scroll.
In my experience, this is akin to behavior the mouse will exhibit when a keyboard key such as ctrl or maybe alt is being held down.
I detached my external mouse and keyboard, hoping they were the malfunction. Nope, the laptop touchpad is behaving the same way.
I feel absolutely certain that I messed something up, pressed a key or something, when I wiped down the laptop physically.
One odd thing is sometimes, for a few seconds, the mouse seems to work properly, then suddenly it behaves badly again. Also oddly, I randomly tried pressing both touchpad button at the same time, and for a minute or so, the problem was gone. Before I could celebrate, it was back. :(
So, here's where it stands. Oddly, when I hold down the mouse wheel button a few seconds, the problem is fixed-- for a minute or so. Same thing if I press down both touchpad buttons.
I did this and then immediately disabled the touchpad with F9 FN, to see if this would be a fix. However the problem persists. After a few seconds, everything gets weird again. I fix it by holding down middle click. Works for a bit.

This is a weird problem that probably needs the experience of someone who has seen the exact situation, or something similar. I DO NOT want to send my laptop in. They never come back working right again. It's less than a year old and has been flawless up to this point. I just know I messed something up when I wiped the keyboard down. Please help ;_;