Resetting the BIOS


Oct 8, 2016
I have a Dell Latitude 3340. Recently my fan stopped working and now whenever I play high perfomance game like csgo, the laptop shuts down and when I restart it a message shows PC shut down due overheating

I have been looking for help and recently found that resetting the BIOS would make the cpu restart the working of the fan. Should I do that? If yes, then, can you please tell me how can I do that? Please.
Just resetting the BIOS doesn't mean it will fix the fan. The fan may well need replacing. They usually don't stop unless they do.

Also, I would not be running the device without it, as overheating can fry all kinds of components and that isn't something you want.

Also, if the device is still under warranty, then you need to contact the manufacturer about this repair or replacement, as doing the work yourself would void any warranty.

But if it is not under warranty any longer, then you are free do to the work yourself, or choose who you wish to have do it.