Dell Latitude E6410


Apr 21, 2013
I am thinking about getting a Dell Latitude E6410, Intel i7 dual core 2600 mHz.
Will this play runescape
I recommend against purchasing that laptop because it is pretty old and the integrated graphics core is not that powerful.

It uses the 1st generation Core i7 CPU with the Intel HD graphics core. It wasn't until Intel released the 2nd generation Core series CPU with the integrated Intel HD 3000 that tech review sites started to consider Intel graphic cores to be "good enough" to play some games with.

If you are searching for an inexpensive laptop, then perhaps the following Asus with the 5th generation Core i3-5020u CPU (2.2GHz) and the Intel HD 5200 graphics core for $310 will suffice. The CPU should be at least as powerful as the old i7-620m CPU and the Intel HD 5200 would be a massive performance increase compared to the Intel HD graphics core in the Dell Latitude E6410. Though the Intel HD 5200 is considered weak compared to mainstream dedicated GPUs like the nVidia 930m and 940m.