Latitude E6430 Has no GPU Installed?


Sep 12, 2017
so i was switching laptops out of my dads closet when i found this big laptop (which i thought you could put 2 hard drives in but you cant) and switched it out with the old one. the one i switched from was the Latitude E6330. And im trying to start minecraft, and it gave me the error of pixel format not accelerated. so went to Dell website and downloaded Graphics drivers for this model. Didn't work. This is the error it came up with.
So i might just have to switch back to my old laptop. The other ones in my dads closet are cheap. They are only 4gb's with no special features. This is the only computer that does have special features. If you would help me, that would be great.
P.S: Intel HD Graphics Driver isint showing up in the device manager. Plus i dont have the password to the BIOS.