Dell XPS 13 (2015) semi-freeze / non-responsive issue


Dec 2, 2013
Hey guys

Not sure where to really post this as I don't really know what is causing the issue at all so if this is the wrong place.. please move it :)

Basically, my Dell XPS 13 (2015) sometimes 'freezes'. Sometimes its a complete freeze. Sometimes its just a 'semi-freeze', i.e. the most recent time this happened: I could not connect/disconnect the wifi or open any apps/programs but I could move windows around and turn it off via the start menu. Other times its just been a complete freeze.

Either way, I then turn it off (via start or holding down the power button).

However now it will not turn on - no lights, no fans, nothing. Completely unresponsive. This can last for any duration between 3 minutes to an hour.

And then it turns on fine as if nothing has happened.

I wondered if its trying to update or something? Maybe a bios issue its trying to solve? I really have no idea as I've never seen this happen before.

I'm pretty tech-savvy but I'm two or so years out of date since I don't really keep tabs on whats going on until I want to upgrade something so.. I'm hoping its some new thing that I have no idea about :p

Thanks in advance for your help!

Windows 8.1 (64-bit)
Its the QHD+ model.


Dec 2, 2013
I did originally wonder if it was temperature since it would make sense - its taking time to cool down. However its never been hot when it happens. I always check by touch.. although thats obviously not that accurate but you can tell if its 'hot hot'. If I do something overly stressful then the base can become hot to touch but this is never the case when it has these 'episodes'.

I have the laptop in 'cool' mode too - so the fans switch on prematurely to keep things cool, yet half the time it happens, the fans haven't even came on.

It has also happened a few minutes after being switched on, before which it had been off all night, so I doubt its temperature.

I will install CoreTemp though and keep an eye on it just incase and let you know. Thanks for the reply :)

edit: I didn't see the reply option sorry.. I'm new to posting on this forum ^_^


Nov 26, 2015
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