Digital audio output help !


Jan 12, 2017
Hers what I have - Samsung BD-F5700. I want to output the audio signal to an external speaker, sorta, with the video signal staying in the hdmi cable.

By sorta, here’s what else I have. I have a cooler radio, a kenwood car stereo head unit contained in a cooler with a 12v battery and four speakers. The head unit has an aux input. I can run a laptop, with an hdmi cord running to a video projector, and the headphone output running to the aux input on the head unit, but can’t figure out how to do away with the laptop and utilize the blu Ray player for both a separate video and audio signal. I’ve tried every combination of audio out via the blu Ray player menu but nothing seems to work. Is what I’m looking to do even possible ?
That blueray player looks to have " Coaxial Digital Audio Outputs" according to the specs, that does not work? You'd need an adapter for that coax out to analog to that stereo, or use the projector audio out.