Digital Storm Bolt II Review

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Jan 28, 2015
Im a total noob in all this buzz regarding Gaming Pcs, the most powerful machine to play I have is an iPad, so I'm interested in moving from my Vaio Dual Core laptop to a super-highest-end gaming spaceship, that's why I found this article very interesting.

However, it filled me with questions, hope you can lend me a hand.

Is the difference noticeable when playing at more than 30 fps? I mean, I got a little concerned about how much gap existed in your tests, from 45fps to 151fps when playing Metro: Last Light. Those high graphics really beated up the PC's specs, so is the difference that evident to your game?

What's the point on spending that money in the best in the world PC for gaming, if it's going to suffer when cranking up the game options, hence lowering the performance?? Or should I really don't get worried because 45fps mean "extreme good playing experience"?
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