Direct Optical Audio Output


Nov 15, 2016
I have the audio from my Direct receiver connected to a very old Sony Stereo receiver using RCA audio cables. My wife has a TV ears next to her chair with the IR transmitter connected to the Ouptical output of the TV. This creates an out of phase audio,which creates an echo, so when she uses the TV Ears we switch the audio back to the TV, and poorer sound. I tried connecting the optical cable to the Digital Optical out on the back of the Direct Receiver but got no signal or power to the IR transmitter. Direct did not have an answer. Thinking about buying an A/V receiver Black Friday to hopefully solve the problem. LG TV Sound just fair.


Oct 28, 2016

You usually can't use the two at the same time, as the speakers on a TV are usually slightly delayed because of digital processing. This will cause an echo when connected directly to either the Direct receiver or the Optical Output.

An A/V receiver would be your best bet, especially one with an optical audio output. You can then connect the optical output of the TV directly to the receiver, and the TV Ears directly on the Optical Output of the receiver itself. There should be no sound delay with this, and even if there is, most modern receivers have a control for delay.
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