Disable built in sound card on USB headset?


Aug 21, 2017
Recently purchased a new headset (USB Razer kraken) before that I was using some Corsair HS40's. On my new Razer Krakens the sound is weird and not very familiar to me and when gaming I prefer the old way of hearing (if that makes sense).
Reading upon this topic I noticed a lot of people saying that USB headsets usually have there own built in sound cards. Now thinking logically and wanting to go back to the old way i hear stuff (I can't use the old HS40's the wires falling apart and is on its last legs. I also like the mic quality better on the Razer krakens and don't want to attempt to go through the process of sending it back).
Is there a way to disable the sound card built into my razer krarkens, or transfer it so the sound goes through my onboard sound (realtek). If this is not possible would there be anyway to use the Razer synapse program to make it sound like my old way of hearing stuff.

*sorry if any bad grammar*


Only way is to dissamble and rewire in the headset itself, IMO not worth it. As much of a hassle as it is, return it and consider getting a decent headphone / mic combo like the Samson SR850 and the Zalman ZM-Mic1 which will give you much better sound quality over mic quality, it's the setup I use with a Sound Blaster Play!3. The semi-open back has a wider soundstage which makes vsurround so much more immersive.

If you absolutely have to have a closed-back just get something like a LyxPro HAS-10, Edifier H840 either would be an excellent choice and have 2x better sound over Razer or any similar priced hyperx headset.

Alternatively just get a HyperX Stinger which will have a boom mic.

If you really want to dissemble the Kracken there is a video about it here you just will have to wire up the jacks manually the way you want e.g. keep the output analog jack but mic still on USB.
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