Distortion in sound


Oct 26, 2015

I have a msi gs70 for about 8 months now. But a month ago I updated my audio drivers. Since then whenever I play games online (Gta, overwatch) I hear this crackling noise.I hear it in my headphones and through the speakers.It's really bad in Gta (like every 10 seconds). I also hear it when I play music on YouTube or soundcloud and adjust the volume.I've tried resolving this by going back to the driver before updating,installing the latest driver again but nothing resolved my problem.

Please help, it's really bugging me
Have you tried doing some general diagnostics on the sound/speakers?

1. Go into your "Control Panel" and then choose "Sound".
2. Then click on the item you are wanting to check.
3. Now click on "Configure".
4. Choose your configuration and then click the "Test" button. Do you still hear the sound issue?
5a. If no, then the problem lies elsewhere.
5b. If yes, then exit this and go back to "Control Panel".
6. In "Control Panel" click on "Troubleshooting" and then on "Hardware and Sound".
7. On this screen click "Playing Audio" and follow the instructions.
8. If the problem cannot be resolved through all this, then your speakers may be the problem and the timing of the issue may just have shown up after the update to the driver. Try testing different speakers, or even headphones, to see if the problem persists.