Do I need to upgrade my laptop's CPU? It's suffering from CPU bottlenecking?


Oct 20, 2014
First, I'm a mid-core gamer but a hard-core user as I always have to work on my projects and also play some games when there's a spare time. Few months ago I have to be abroad and can't use my main PC for gaming anymore so I was looking for a new laptop that can run some game with mid-graphic requirements. (I.E. Dota 2)

I ended up getting an HP Envy 15, model ae-1000 with dedicated graphic of 950M (4GB VRAM). I also dissembled it and added a bit more RAM as I love multi-tasking my things. I also put one of my best SSD (that I have) into it which is OCZ Vector 180 240GB. The only problem is my CPU which is i7 5500U (which later became the biggest regret)

So here is my RIG atm:
Intel i7 5500U
Nvidia 950M 4GB

I don't have any problem with it as a work station (ofc it has to do good as I just running blogs and using office) But the gaming experience and entertainment can't be worst. My expectation was not so high for this spec, I just want to play mid-range game like Dota 2 and League of Legend.

My problem is that I can't even play those game smoothly, for LOL which is very low-req game it experienced a lot of spiky frame rate drops, and for DOTA 2 you don't have to imagine. Sometimes even running Youtube can caused my cpu load to spike at 90-100% and shown some lags.

I know that the rig is not so good but I played these game in my 4-year-old Lenovo z500 with 740M VGA it was much better than this!

I read some reviews after I have these issues and acknowledge that my laptop test is much worst than average laptop with similar spec. The reviewer even doubted what's wrong with the model and they assumed that it might be a result from this u-series processor.

My question is, what should I do now? Is it possible for me to upgrade the CPU? I love this laptop so far but you know, If it can't play any game I should have considered buying something else like smaller model or business ultrabook. Paying additionally for the VGA becomes a waste now.

If I can upgrade, what do I have to know? I don't think it's gonna be that easy to do it on laptop? And how much can it cost?

Sorry to write a long explanation but I just hoped to maximize the chance to resolve my issues.



Dec 26, 2012
Most of those laptops have a cpu that's soldered to the motherboard, totally unreplacable or upgradable.

What you might look into is background processes like Aero, Antivirus etc and minimizing the amount of usage on these.


Oct 20, 2014
So I think it's my game over now lol. Gotta bear with it then. Thanks for all suggestions. Minimizing all the background could be a little bit helpful but I think this rig underperform everything anyway. Sometimes I feel like I got a bad batch! hahaha.
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