Question Do I want or need IOS 15.1 on my iPad and iPhone 12s?

Tom Seeley

Nov 26, 2020
I’m getting the usual messages on my iPad and iPhone 12s that iOS 15.1 is now available! I’m running 14.x and I’m satisfied. So….

I read the thumbnail description today of what it does. I don’t do ANY of the things it says 15.x makes “better”! All I do on the iPad is email, texting family and friends, read Kindle books, surf the New York Times, etc., post msgs on “help” boards like this one, track my portfolio with one good app, and play one puzzle game. Ok, sometimes I do stream YouTube TV to keep from having to stand up and walk ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE ROOM 😱 😆 to turn on the big TV. Actually, it’s a cool way to watch two games at once! But I don’t even do that on the phone.

Should I install 15.x? I’ve heard that eventually older versions of software don’t get supported, but that may only be Windows. iOS seems to get updated so often I doubt I’d ever get left in the lurch, but I’d like advice please. If I really don’t do the fancy things the developers think I simply must have, why should I race out and install every incremental update they throw at me?


If you don't care about any of the updates and whatever you do works on the current OS, no need to upgrade. If you need the upgrade, do it then. It's your device, you use it, you are the only one that can decide if you want to do the upgrade. It's like asking strangers online what you should have for dinner.