Question Do mid range GPUs exist on U series Intel laptops?

Jan 9, 2020
I've been looking around for a laptop with the TDP of an 8th gen intel U series (like the 8550 or 8565) paired with a dedicated GPU. Problem is the best graphics card I can come up with that sells with a U series cpu are Nvidia's MX-series. I was hoping to use a GTX-1060 or the 1660, or a comparable Ryzen.
I plan on using a laptop on-the-go where I'm not expected to be next to an outlet for perhaps 6-7 hours, writing front end code alongside a compiler, browser, etc, as well as Adobe illustrator. Not really planning on gaming. It could just be me and search methods but I can't seem to find such a laptop. Any suggestions?
The U model CPUs are made for low power systems, they are not put into systems with high power video cards. It would be like taking an economy car then looking for one that comes with 20" wide racing tires. Keep in mind that you can just set the power mode to low to increase run time even on those systems with a good video card. If you are not going to be gaming then why bother looking for a fast video card? Even the onboard video is good enough for any task outside of gaming.