Question Do Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and Galaxy Note 22 smartphones have automatic driving motion detection capabilities?


Feb 2, 2021
I have a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone. My father uses the Samsung Galaxy Note 22. My smartphone uses Android Version 12 and I assume my father's smartphone uses the same Android version. After a few days of trial and error and online research, I figured out how to get Google Assistant driving mode to activate with the "Hey Google, lets drive command." I also applied within Google Assistant's driving mode settings to automatically launch driving mode when connected to a car's Bluetooth system and to ask to launch driving mode when driving motion is detected. At this time, neither my vehicle nor my father's vehicle have functioning Bluetooth capabilities. I tried to get my smartphone to ask to activate driving mode when I was driving, but nothing happened. I was driving my vehicle up to approximately 40 miles per hour, but it still did not ask to activate driving mode from driving motion detection. My only guesses are that either I have to drive really fast for my smartphone to detect driving motion or it does not have driving motion detection capability.

I want to be able to use Google Assistant driving mode, in automated activation if possible, since again both my and my father's vehicles do not have Bluetooth capability, so that we can hear/reply by voice to text messages and make/answer phone calls by voice while driving so that we can keep our focus on the road. My question is does my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra have driving motion detection or not? If yes, how do I get it to work? This question also applies to my father's Samsung Galaxy Note 22.

Driving mode detection comes up with a prompt that it activates when connected to bluetooth in a car, not just when reaching a certain speed. If the car stereo has an aux input you can get a bluetooth adapter for the car using that. There are also ones that use FM radio tuning but those are harder to use and have much worse audio quality.