Does playing games (like SAMP-GTA: SA) for extensive period of time shorten my laptop's life span (significantly)?



I recently replaced my laptop's screen because there were air bubbles trapped inside the screen. Judging by the look of it when it was taken out of the lid and by the explanation of the technician who replace the screen for me, it was because of the heat. I don't play video games often but when i do, i usually play for very long periods of time (6-8 hours straight). The game that i usually play is not graphical intensive, it's GTA: SA, LS-RP server on SAMP. The laptop is always hot as a ************* whenever i finished a gaming session, even though i have a cooling pad, sit near a fan, clean it regularly and reapply the thermal paste once a year. Will my gaming habit deteriorate my laptop's well being?

My laptop is a Dell Latitude E6430 ATG. Specs:
Intel Core I5 3210M (2.5GHZ)
16GB of RAM
Intel HD 4000

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Aug 1, 2017
With this much maintenance I don't see any reason why parts should die faster. Their will due to mileage, but laptops are not meant for long gaming, with that they still handle it well ( if you like touching 60*C) Think about desktop if you want serious gaming


Oct 26, 2009
Yes it could shorten the lifespan. Install a temp monitor like HWinfo64 and see what kind of temps you are getting not just on CPU but motherboard etc. If you are getting 70c+ temps in a lot of areas like the motherboard etc yeah it really could shorten the lifespan. I do heavy things on my laptop for work and I get about 3 years on them before issues and I honestly think its heat related.


Based on the answers that were being given, i think i should refrain myself from playing on this laptop and get a desktop instead. Thanks, guys.


Desktop is great idea. See PCPARTPICKER as you can "build" a PC. I'll link a build just as an EXAMPLE that I made for someone recently.

Windows 10 not listed, but people I trust got keys from KINGUIN (dot net) and they've worked for about $25USD or so. You can ask about that if need be but you generally download W10 straight from Microsoft then use the key when installing.

The above build is meant to do fairly well in almost any game at mostly 1920x1080. If you need a MONITOR then there are some 23", IPS, 1080p panels for $130USD or so that seem reasonable.