Don't buy HTC Google Phones outside USA


May 19, 2011
I am warning all non-US residents to NOT buy any HTC products. Why? Read on.

On December 11th I purchased my Nexus One in Vancouver, Canada. Bright, shiny, and new; I loved and cared for this phone. On April 29th, less than 5 months later, the power button broke. I was unable to make calls out, only receive incoming calls. The only way to get access to the phone was to call in to it, or to plug it in. Not good.

I began my Odyssey with HTC "Customer Support" on that day. After being bounced around and given 1-800 numbers that led to answering machines where no one ever called you back, I finally got someone at HTC and they issued me a ticket number, said my case had been 'escalated', and that I would be contacted within 24-72 hours. The first time I was told this was on May 3rd. It is now May 19th and I have been re-told that same story countless times. And it is a lie. No one calls me back, nothing gets delivered to my house.

As if this isn't bad enough, spending $500 on a piece of electronic HTC Junk, I was told that I wouldn't receive a loaner phone while mine was being repaired, that this was ONLY for those who purchased their phones in the USA. Also, more importantly (and this is important regardless of where you live), they WOULD NEVER GIVE ME A REPLACEMENT PHONE, only fix the one I had. They had also conveniently pre-dated my warranty for 2 months prior to my actual purchase of the phone. Shady? Yes.

Long story stort, AVOID HTC PHONES!! Motorola phones have been great and I'm sorry I didn't buy a Motorola again this time. That was a $500 error! HTC's Customer Service bites big time, they will tell you the same b.s. story while THREE WEEKS LATER, I still have a broken phone. And if you need your phone for on-call as I do, then mailing it away for 10 business days is not a great option.

Conclusion: Don't buy HTC! If you have, do a return to point-of-sale if possible, do a chargeback on your credit card otherwise. THEY HAVE NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. THEY LIE and really, no one you talk to gives a flying f***.