DreamCloud vs Saatva: which luxury hybrid mattress should you buy?

Jan 15, 2022
Last week we received our king size Solaire mattress along with the lineal adjustable base. The order was placed on November 13th. The split mattress designed sheets arrived the next week. The mattress and base arrived January 13th. After struggling to find a comfortable setting, my wife and I concluded that this setup was not for us. We took comfort in the fact that we could return our nearly $7000 purchase. After speaking with customer service, I received an education in the return policy. First, the sheets can only be returned in the first 45 days which seems fine unless the bed arrives after that period. We now have sheets designed for a split mattress (some in boxes) that can't be returned. $600 mistake when we add in the mattress pad. Next, the lineal base is not returnable. If you mistakenly think of this as a "frame" and you read the website, it appears this is returnable. Customer service advised me that it is "all over the internet" that the lineal base is not returnable. I found that stated in the specification section of the base. Again, if you make the same mistake I did, you can add another $2500 to your non-returnable items. My ignorance of the policies means that nearly half of my purchase is not returnable. If we would have known this much the purchase was at risk, we would not have made it.
Finally, when you do decide to purchase from Saatva, don’t expect too much from the White Glove Delivery. I’m sure it varies by contractor, but the guys delivering our mattress first chastised me about not having removed my old mattress. They advised me that I was told to do that when the delivery was scheduled. The only call I got was left on my voicemail and did not mention the need to remove the old stuff. The guys arrived 10 minutes later. My wife and I did remove the old mattress and box spring while they waited which was not an issue. The guys also complained about the base being heavy. Not wanting anyone to be hurt, I offered to help carry it. They didn’t accept the help as they hastily setup the bed. They wouldn’t wait for the bed to fill as they then would be late to their next appointment. They told us that if something doesn’t work, call the company.
In the end, I’m profoundly disappointed in Saatva. While the mattress comfort was not to our liking, my issues are related to customer service.
  • The timing of the sheets, while probably not planned, negated the possibility of returning them in the event we wanted to return the mattress.
  • The lineal base is not returnable. Customer Service told me “that was made clear” to me in my order and “it’s all over the internet”. I pasted in a copy of my order and it’s not there. I even placed another order up to the point of paying and didn’t see any reference to a final sale. I did find a Final Sale statement under Specifications of the base.
  • The delivery took 2 months from the order and communication was non-existent. We concluded this was COVID or supply chain related, but it would have nice to know.
  • The delivery team treated us like this delivery was a burden.
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