Drivers detects wrong video card. [Laptop]


Aug 10, 2014
I recently reinstalled my ASUS K72DY laptop, everything was good until i tried to install video card drivers for HD6470M which is built in this laptop, however after installing drivers it showed up as HD7400M series, after rebooting i was unable to see any picture when windows booted just heard that windows sound when it turns on, everything was fine in DOS. So i had to boot windows in safe mode to uninstall those drivers. Everything worked before reinstalling my computer and it were detecting right video card.
I already tried installing 64x and 84x operating system, reinstalling video card drivers, i downloaded older catalyst software thing, but there were only AMD gaming software things etc. it didnt installed older video card drivers, just things that come with catalyst software.
Sadly i dont have windows old folder, although not sure it would be help.
Would be good if anyone would be able to help me, otherwise i am kinda stuck. :-/

My ASUS K72DY Specs:

AMD® Phenom™ II Dual-Core N660 3 GHz Processor
4GB DDR3 1066
AMD Radeon® HD 6470M with 1GB DDR3 VRAM
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