Nov 10, 2018
I have a Lenovo Yoga 710 15IKB. It is 7 mos old, purchased from Best Buy. Still under warranty, but not extended coverage for accidents & no special BB memberships.

I have health issues, work mostly from home, often in an adjustable bed. Have had issues in the past w/other laptops slipping off my pillow - sometimes onto the floor. Ideally I would own a Toughbook, but we can't really afford one.

So, I have been using my Yoga inside a zip-up neoprene cover. I keep it open most of the time and the cover protects the top/bottom & part of the edges. Unfortunately it does not cover the corners when open, I've been searching for a solution for that one. In the meantime, I've been lucky and haven't been having any major bumps or bangs...until this morning.

It slipped from the pillow, the right side banged into the side of a metal cart I keep next to me, and then it landed a few feet below on the floor, which is carpeted, but has a piece of plexiglass on it for smoother moving of the cart.

It was technically "on" when it slipped, although had been in sleep mode for several hours. I picked it up and took the cover off to check for damage. It has been a pretty tough little thing, so I was dismayed to see two tiny dings on the right side, presumably where it banged into the cart. (**the dings are in the laptop casing material, on the right side edge on the end surrounding the screen. They are approx. 1 mm x 1 mm each, if that's at all helpful.) Other than that, it looks fine.

I tried turning it on - the white light next to the on button lit up for about 7 seconds, then went out. No noises at all. Nothing on the screen. I unplugged it and plugged it back in. The light next to the power cord is on steadily. Tried turning on again with same results. Then I remembered the trick with removing the power cord & battery, holding in the power button, plugging back in, etc. And after an enormous amount of time spent searching for the right size miniscule hex screwdriver (wrench, if you will) - come to find out my battery is not removable - apparently it is "sealed" or "built-in". Who knew? Also found out I have a reset pinhole next to my headset port, but that was not helpful either.

So, now what? Are there any other options when you can't remove the battery? Is there any hope it isn't completely ruined? Really can't afford another new laptop this year, and not sure how expensive a repair this could be either (assuming it needs a new motherboard, but who knows). Sorry so long...Any thoughts?