Dropped my laptop - it's now overheating when playing video games


Sep 13, 2011
About two months ago I purchased a Lenovo Legion, which is a gaming laptop. I stupidly dropped it a couple of weeks ago and it's now overheating at random times, like when I open the browser for a few moments, and almost constantly when I play video games. I know this because the fans go crazy loud. It's also now making a weird clicking sound.

I took it to a repair shop, and they immediately told me that it must be my hard drive, which they replaced and I payed good money for. I initially thought that one of the fans must have been broken, but they tested them and both worked just fine.

I now just got home from the repair shop and tested the laptop by playing Rocket League. As soon as I enter a match the laptop overheats again, the fans going crazy loud for 2-3 minutes, going silent for 45 seconds maybe, and then loud again. Also, I can still hear the weird clicking noise. It sounds like something that is spinning is struggling to work efficiently. So it seems like the hard drive wasn't the problem, and I dished money for it for nothing.

I am really worried that I messed up permanently a 1000 pound laptop, and as a poor student I have no means of buying a new one. Does anyone know what could be causing my problems? I'd just like to get an idea of what I'm up with before I call the laptop repair place again tomorrow.

Thank you.


Likely the heatsink(s) was knocked loose so it no longer has proper contact. You'd need to tear it down, remove the heatsink, clean and replace the thermal grease and then reattach the heatsink. If you can't do this yourself find a different shop because the one that told you it was the HDD has no idea what they are doing.
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